Conducting business using standard email exposes you to disputes around who said what, to whom and when. Registered Email services return a certified, Legal Proof™ email record proving delivery, message content and official timestamp.

Extra Secure Email - Extra Productivity

Use Registered Email services for proof with email authentication; plus encrypt for privacy, obtain e-signatures on contracts, and... Read More

Easy to Use - Automatic for the Receiver

Use with your current desktop, web or mobile email software and email addresses. The recipient does not require any special software to receive, open, read, sign or reply to Registered Email messages. Browse Apps & Downloads

Universal Authentication - Auditable Proof

Each transaction returns a Registered Receipt™ transaction record, verifiable worldwide; on demand auditable proof of message content, delivery, transaction times, fact of encryption compliance, and signatures on documents... Read More

The Bermuda Post Office is the exclusive distributor of services in Bermuda through its alliance with Secure Messaging Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. of 71 Pitts Bay Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. The mission of the Secure Messaging Systems (Bermuda) Ltd. is to support the modernization of messaging in the Bermuda government and commercial markets in partnership with the Bermuda Post Office, by assisting in the implementation of secure electronic messaging technologies.