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What is the RPost Cloud Platform?

The new global standard for Legal Electronic Messaging.

The RPost Cloud platform is built on RPost's innovative Registered Email technology standard for processing high value email messages with added characteristics that deliver a specialized message product to the recipient, returning analytics, reports and evidence records to the sender. The RPost Cloud acts as an infrastructure extension to developers' own software platforms to add legally valid proof and non-repudiation, security and compliance, electronic signature and authentication, and collaboration and deliverability services. The RPost Cloud platform is designed to process high value Internet transactions for mobile, web and third-party email providers.

RPost has transformed its patented processing networks into an open platform so developers can extend their applications to route only their high value outbound messages to the RPost Cloud for special processing. This permits service providers and developers to have the legal electronic messaging capabilities afforded by the RPost Cloud platform, without having to have any of the hardware or software specialization that RPost has developed.

As an example, a sender or developer that routes standard email through the RPost Cloud platform for specialized processing has the benefit of that standard email transformed into one of a number of products such as Certified Email encryption and sender authentication, secure large file transfer, Registered Email delivery proof, digital timestamping, HIPAA compliant and secure electronic signature and electronic contract signing services, PDF fill-in form electronic signing, among others.

RPost has opened the RPost Cloud platform to developers worldwide to extend their capabilities, products, and transaction intelligence. RPost currently processes high value transactions on behalf of companies in nearly every country of the world.


Click image to view a detailed RPost Cloud process flow illustration.