Proof Archive Service

Transaction records with the highest evidential weight. Classify, store and authenticate.

Managing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) is one of the most pressing issues among IT and business managers today and email, which comprises roughly 90% of ESI, is by far the greatest concern. Under the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, any organization that becomes involved in a legal challenge involving ESI and does not have strong email and electronic records retention policies in place is at risk of sanctions, fines, immense legal fees and even loss of litigation on process grounds.

To comply, many businesses abide by a blanket "store-everything" policy and then rely on an archive service to facilitate search and retrieval of email records as needed. There are several major drawbacks with this approach:

  1. Storing everything is inefficient and costly.
  2. Storing everything can actually increase your risk exposure during litigation.
  3. Traditional archives offer little or no protection if an opposing party simply denies receiving the email record you produce or claims that it said something different.
  4. Verifying that a record has not been tampered with requires a burdensome and costly system-wide authentication process.

RPost has the Answer.
RPost’s Registered Email service is a simple, yet elegant solution for some of the most challenging issues facing email records managers. It helps reduce the volume of email records stored and it provides you with more effective, durable records that are easily authenticated and ensure admissibility into evidence.