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Email Encryption for Security & Proof
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RMail: Email Encryption

Use RMail services to meet your privacy requirements with the click of a button. Easy-to-use encryption and attachment security… all with Legal Proof® protection!

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The Importance of Auditable Proof of Compliance in Email Encryption Services:

"Only RPost has a robust mechanism in place to provide an auditable record of precisely what message content (body text and attachments) was in fact sent and received in an encrypted manner to each intended recipient. This is important because, in the case where there is a data breach after the email has reached the recipient (in the recipient’s environment, or after they have passed the information along to others), the sender will need to retain information to prove that the breach did not happen “on their watch” – that they in fact complied with the data security requirements and delivered the information in a compliant, encrypted manner."
Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers, Email Encryption Buyer's Guide.

CIAB Webinar and Buyer's Guide Update for Email Encryption:
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