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General Counsel

For General Counsel, RPost brings forth a total solution which optimizes the opportunity to drive business success through process improvement, leading to minimized legal exposure, reduced cost, reduced administrative time, faster transaction time, and enhancement of “green” initiatives.

General Counsel’s offices worldwide are using RPost services to improve processes in the following areas:

Electronic notice with delivery proof - RPost’s Legal Proof® solution provides the sender with a legally valid and admissible in court record of notice delivery within deadline, by email, saving time, reducing mailing cost and providing greater agility.

Paperless/faxless contracts - RPost’s eSigning solution enables a one-click-sign-off-by-email to close deals faster, with an evidentiary record of the sign-off provided to both parties – eliminating the print/sign/scan/fax/mail sign-off process.

Improved email records management, archiving, and storage - The inherent records management aspect of RPost's Registered Receipt email allows a company to archive important email transactions in a form that is admissible into evidence, without having an elaborate document retention system in place. It closes the email liability loop by proving not only what was sent, but also giving the sender and sender’s organization a legally valid electronic record of the precise email content that was received by the other side and at what official time.

Reduction of outside legal costs - The self-authentication process for Registered Email records can be performed by anyone with a valid email address within a matter of minutes, in stark contrast to the complex and costly system-wide authentication systems on the market today which may require lawyer time, electronic data review, etc. In addition, if a company requests that letters sent on its behalf, by its outside law firm, are converted to Registered Email messages, the company can save significantly on correspondence that is billed back to the company by the law firm.

Reduction of e-discovery costs by reducing overall email storage - RPost helps companies to control the costs of e-discovery by minimizing the volume of emails that are retained. The Registered Email service provides users with an easy way to distinguish business critical email from insignificant messages that should be discarded.

Specific examples of applications include:

  • Compliance with by-law or securities laws
  • Compliance with contractual obligations
  • Compliance with labor regulations
  • Notices to opposing parties
  • Notice to administrative body
  • Negotiations and contracting

For questions, more information, or a detailed proposal, please contact us.