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Human Resources

RPost sets the standard for Human Resources email communications worldwide. RPost protects the Human Resource function in recruiting, noticing, and managing employees.

How are HR personnel currently utilizing RPost services?

  • Sending notices for insurance coverage & changes.
  • Producing verifiable evidence in Alternative Dispute Resolution situations (ADR).
  • Producing verifiable trail of manager-to-employee dialog in employee grievance situations.
  • Proving agreement for employment contracts.
  • Recording employment offers with e-signatures.
  • Transmitting employee job descriptions, retaining proof of notice and verification of job description content.
  • Recording submitted content on employment applications in a tamper-detectable format.
  • Distributing employee handbooks and retaining proof of receipt by employee.
  • Sending employee severance and release agreements, protecting HR group in case of a dispute.
  • Sending required HIPAA notifications and retaining proof of compliance.
  • Noticing employee of updated policies and procedures.
  • Retaining tamper-detectable record of employee expense reports.
  • Noticing employee on discipline and standards of conduct rules and breaches.
  • Sending required COBRA notifications, retaining proof of compliance.
  • Communications around family and medical leave (FMLA) so that there is no question about what was agreed.
  • Conducting employee relations communications to minimize disputes.
  • Sending health, safety and security (HSE) notices, retaining proof of compliance with notification rules.