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Registered Email® system can reduce communication risks, save money and increase responsiveness in procurement communications. In particular, RPost's Register Reply™ feature can permit sender and receiver to confirm and lock-in change orders to supplier contracts, cancellations, and other notices by email, with an evidentiary record provided to both parties of the back-and-forth email thread. This can reduce risk of later disputes.

Summary of specific benefits for procurement functions:

Retain proof of agreement: When communicating with vendors/buyers, retain verifiable and legal proof of a communication throughout the back-and-forth electronic email dialogue.

Save money: Save cost of sending certified, return receipt, registered, Fed-Ex, or courier mail and save time by eliminating forms, stuffing, stamping, and mail box sending. Save $5 to $40+ per notice. Most importantly, reduce litigation-associated costs when agreement terms are in dispute.

Send notices and orders: Send early terminations, cancellation notices, purchase orders change orders, collections notices, shipment notices, and product dispute communications via the Registered Email® service . Emphasizes to the recipient that the sender has proof of email acceptance. Reduces denial of email receipt.

Increase responsiveness: Get faster response from supplier/buyer. Receiver is aware that the sender has proof of delivery.

Ease execution of agreements: From print, sign, fax, and mail to simply a "reply" to the email. Execute legally binding agreements and contracts electronically. Returns a tamper-detectable electronic record of the agreement and the negotiation process conducted by email.

Confirm verbally discussed terms, orders, specifications, and changes, in an email electronic form. Returns legal proof of communication.

Maintain records: Archive drafts of proposed contracts, maintain information under non-disclosure agreements and other agreements. Proves the content of a computerized document at point in time. Maintain electronic record of final and executed versions of agreements.

Comply with contractual obligations: Send notices by Registered Email® messages and retain proof of notification, specified in contracts. Serve demand letters and emergency notices. Returns legal proof that notice was delivered to each intended recipient. Acceptable form of notice as defined by the courts.

Prove delivery and content of inbound messages from suppliers: RPost's Intake™ service provides the capability to receive in-bound data transmissions that can parse into ERP systems, with transport via SMTP email - with accountability for both sender and receiver regardless of what platform the outside customer or supplier is using, and without any special software or systems on either end.