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Records Management

RPost® services are proven to enhance a company’s capability to classify, store, and manage the enormous volume of electronic communications.

Today, records managers are using RPost services to:

Increase efficiency and control costs - The RPost system provides a simple way to classify email based on importance at the point of sending. This eliminates the need for a “store everything” policy which helps reduce the volume of email stored, frees up resources, and controls e-discovery costs by minimizing time needed for search, retrieval and lawyer review.

A sample email retention policy may be “Press SEND REGISTERED if the message records a business activity, has legal or regulatory value, proves a notification occurred, or commits the company to a future obligation. Press SEND if the message is casual and inconsequential.”
The company can then easily archive Registered Email message records and purge casual messages.

Close the liability loop - Traditional archiving systems show what was sent but leave email senders without a verifiable record of what was received by the intended recipient and when. RPost closes this loop by giving the sender and sender’s organization a legally valid electronic record of the precise email content that was received by the other side and at what official time.

Ensure admissibility of email records - While printed out copies of email or screenshots of web-based archive records are easily forged and unlikely to be considered admissible, RPost email records are legally verifiable and admissible into evidence.

Authenticate within minutes - The self-authentication process for Registered Email records can be performed by anyone with a valid email address within a matter of minutes, in stark contrast to the complex forensics analysis systems on the market today which can cost as much as $500/hour.

Mitigate litigation risk - Casual, non-business email records do not have to be saved and can actually turn into a dormant liability if retained. The Registered Email service provides users with an easy way to distinguish business critical email from insignificant messages that should be discarded, decreasing the volume of discoverable data and mitigating risk if litigation should occur.

Level the playing field - The inherent records management aspect of the RPost Registered Receipt provides a way to classify, archive and authenticate important email communications without having an elaborate document retention system in place. RPost ‘s solution is low cost and does not require significant labor or IT investment, making it equally accessible to small and larger organizations alike.

Improve trust and accountability - Non-repudiation aspects of the RPost service help to minimize disputes before they arise, as both parties become aware that each has a verifiable audit trail of the entire transaction – who said what to whom and when, by email. Maintaining a high level of trust among trading partners facilitates speed of transactions and provides a competitive edge.