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Risk Management

RPost’s Registered Email® Service for Risk Managers: Think Your Company’s Important Outbound Email is Protected? Think Again…

As more important communications and contracts are being conducted electronically, companies need accountability and protection for their important outbound email. Recent e-discovery and e-admissibility rulings have made it imperative to have a solid retention and authentication system in place to avoid sanctions, fines, immense legal fees and even loss of litigation on process grounds.

Many companies are responding with proactive measures such as archive and backup solutions. However, the reality is that in many cases these measures are simply not enough, leaving the organization exposed to significant risk in case of a dispute or litigation involving outgoing email.

Risk managers use RPost’s Registered Email service to:

  • Record both sides of an email transaction... what was sent AND what precise email content was received by the other side at what official time.
  • Ensure that important email records are legally verifiable and admissible into evidence.
  • Decrease the volume of discoverable data, thereby mitigating risk of holding too many records if litigation should occur.
  • Improve users’ desktop security through an all-inclusive, on-demand platform of single-click electronic contracting, e-signature, PDF conversion en route, end-to-end email encryption, and metadata cleaning.

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