Receiver Signs - eSignOff®


With RPost’s unique eSignOff® service, the message recipient(s) can electronically sign and timestamp an email and attachments with one click! The recipient does not need to download any special software, and can add their handwritten signature and text to any document.

The eSignOff service expedites deals by eliminating fax and mail delays, saves significant time, expense, and accelerates bookings for revenue recognition purposes. It also provides the assurance of Legal Proof® for the contract sender via an electronic audit trail that records the delivery transaction, electronic signature, content of the electronic contract and official time the deal was closed.



  • Simple to send from Outlook, Lotus, app or other mail programs
  • Documents can be sent from any mail application automatically with no software or hardware required
  • The document for signature is sent by email without the sender having to go to any website to log-in or upload documents of files
  • Any Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF can be sent for sign-off without any document setup or document preparation
  • The email and document sent for signature can be viewed in the sender’s “Sent” folder


  • The signer is not required to download any software or plug-ins to add their handwritten signature to a document
  • The signer cannot change the document but may add their handwritten signature with their mouse like a touchpad and complete forms by adding text and comments with their keyboard
  • The signer’s IP address is recorded and other signer authentication is included
  • A PKI digital signature is added to the signed document to maintain the integrity for the future.

Suggested uses:

  • Recording sign-off of purchase orders and renewals by email
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Recording sign-off of change orders or terms and agreements
  • Notice & acceptance of amendments to contracts
  • Human resources communications such as employment contracts and acceptance of corporate policies
  • Vendor/supplier communications
  • Corporate deal making and voting
  • Many other types of agreements!

Sender's View

Step 1: Compose the message

  1. Compose an email like any other email.

  2. Send the message for signature to anyone. Multiple signatures on the same document is available by adding more than one address in the To or Cc fields; Bcc recipients will receive the message but not allowed to sign.

  3. Click the "Send Registered" button and choose one of the eContract options.

Receiver's View

Step 2a: Recipient Email

1.The email sent to the recipient contains a button at the bottom to activate the eSignOff, “Hand sign with Mouse” process.

Step 2b: Signing the document

Once the “Hand sign with Mouse” button is pressed a new web page opens up allowing the signer to hand sign their name and add text in the appropriate fields if requested.

  1. Left-click to add text with your keyboard
  2. Left-click and draw with your mouse
  3. Click when finished

Step 2c: Final signature and comments

1.The signer’s final step is to add their name, an optional comment and their signature before executing the signature.


Step 3a: eSignOff Email - Both parties receive this email with the signed contract attached

1 - Signed Contract

2 - Comments / Signed by:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Time/Date
  • Signer IP address
  • Handwritten signature

Step 3b: eSignOff® Email – Signed Contract

  1. Document digitally signed with a SHA1 digital certificate to maintain the document integrity
  2. Signed Contract
  3. Stamped time and date on every page
  4. Appended document page containing:
  • Comments
  • Signed by:
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Time/Date
    • Signer IP address
    • Handwritten signature