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Registered Email for Auditing

RPost’s AuditConfirm™ Solution for Auditors: Moves Audit Confirmation Process to Electronic to Speed Business while Ensuring Authenticity of Audit Confirmations.

A Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Process.

There is little doubt that managing audit confirmations is a cumbersome and time-critical process for auditors, filled with initial requests, second requests and follow-up corresondence to keep track of dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of third parties. Auditors would like to rely on the speed and ease of email throughout the audit confirmation process, but an understanding of the shortcomings of standard email (no proof of delivery, content, signoff or time) often prevents companies from converting from traditional methods (fax, courier, mail, wet-ink-signature) to electronic means. The result? Missed cost savings typically afforded by electronic transactions, slower business processes, and potential loss of competitive advantage.

Auditors are using RPost's AuditConfirm™ solution to reduce administrative time, shorten audit cycles, and cut costs by expediting the audit confirmation process. By combining it’s market leading email proof and e-contracting technologies with custom management reporting, RPost delivers a powerful solution that lets you easily and confidently move from paper to electronic for high volume accounts receivable, accounts payable, notes payable, lease, and legal confirmations, as well as lower volume cash confirmations.

Service highlights for Auditors:

  • Can verify content and authenticity of responses within minutes, with a simple click
  • Speeds sending and signoff process
  • Improves likelihood of receiving response
  • Minimizes the need for personal follow-up
  • Reduces labor and cost associated with using paper
  • Requires no special websites or account sign-ons
  • Streamlines management of unsigned confirmations