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Registered Email for Engineering Firms

Introducing a cost-savings tool to prove change orders for project managers

Have you stopped to think about the number of contracts, specifications, change orders, and other senstive documents that your firm sends out per month to clients and subcontractors? For those sent by traditional delivery methods, have you calculated the time and money spent on certified mail and courier services? And for those sent by electronic communications, have you considered whether you are legally protected in case a recipient disputes the status or content of your email message?

RPost's Registered Email® services are an exciting new way to for engineering firms to send important project-related information – reducing their costs, speeding up processes to improve client satisfaction, and adding a higher layer of liability protection for the firm. With one click of a button, Registered Email services provide a legally verifiable record of precisely what email content and attachments were sent and received, by whom and when. The services provide you with the same level of accountability of the couriered letter in terms of non-repudiation of delivery, security (via encryption) and guarantees against tampering – which cannot be said for conventional email today sent over the Internet.

Specific applications include audit reports, project documentation, design changes, and many more!