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RPost's CapitalEdge™ Solution for Factors and Asset-Based Lenders: Industry Standard to Reduce Paperwork and Cost While Speeding Deal Closing Time

Factors and asset-based lenders are using RPost's CapitalEdge™ solution to save time, cut costs, and expedite transactions. By combining proven email proof and e-contracting technologies with custom reporting analytics, RPost delivers a powerful solution that lets you easily and confidently move from paper to electronic for even your most sensitive, business critical correspondence.

Within the industry, more than 50 leading companies have reported using RPost’s services daily to:

  • Convert notices from paper to electronic while retaining delivery proof
  • E-sign loan/security documents and contracts
  • Expedite collections
  • Confirm collateral by email with proof of sign-off

Service highlights for factors and ABL's:

  • Complies with industry best-practices for proof of required notifications and verifications
  • Minimizes disputes attributed to missing, misplaced or denied receipt of notification emails
  • Speeds invoice collections with proof of invoice delivery irrefutably starting the accounts receivable aging clock
  • Simplifies administrative burden and reduces time to sign-off contracts, confirmations, and asset value verifications 


Value For Factors and Asset-Based Lenders

  • Eliminates any dispute about precisely whether or when your notifications (regulated, contractual, courtesy) are received by email
  • Minimizes cost to a fraction of delivery services like courier/certified mail
  • Provides the highest level of proof of content, time, and delivery for notification emails without requiring recipient to take any action
  • Eliminates the common "I never got the invoice" excuse for slow-paying debtors, by providing verifiable proof of receipt
  • Eliminates the need to reset A/R invoice aging and optimizes cash flow
  • Enables electronic legal sign-off of the many asset verifications, confirmations, and contracts
  • Simplifies record-keeping, as all delivery receipts are sorted automatically, stored electronically


“Registered Email is extremely useful for confirming Notices of Assignment and tracking critical client and debtor email communication.”
-Jonathan Schuster, Chief Operating Officer of Premium Financial Services in Los Angeles, CA

"Registered Email provides a unique and cost saving opportunity for the Factoring Industry. By using the RPost service, Factoring companies can greatly reduce their expenditures on mail and overnight services while still receiving proof of delivery and proof of contents."
-Bert Goldberg, Executive Director, International Factoring Association

“We needed a solution that could speed-up the process of transferring critical documents and more importantly protect us from debtors and clients who claim they didn’t receive a notification requesting or receiving a payment. RPost gives us legal proof of delivery of all notifications we send, so now we can spend less time on administrative tasks such as follow-up calls to ensure receipt and more time on mission critical business tasks.”
-J.W. Reed Jr., President and CEO of Jhanira Capital Funding

“RPost’s Registered Email service receipts provide admissible evidence of Registered Email message delivery, official time sent and received, and authenticity of message content. By utilizing RPost services, we would also argue, not only is the email admissible, but the authentication of its content and context may lend it greater credence than traditional receipted mail, courier, and fax alternatives. This is significant not only in adding to the weight of the evidence in general, but because in addition to proving delivery of notices, factors must exercise ‘control’ over documents such as electronic chattel paper to ensure their enforceability under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. RPost’s authentication techniques are likely to meet these ‘control’ requirements.”
-Jon Neiditz, head of the information management practice of Locke Lord Bissell & Liddell