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Registered Email for Financial Services

Within the financial sector, RPost’s Registered Email services are used for:

Financial Advisory/Private Client Services

  • Use eSignOff® service to confirm agreement on terms for new accounts.
  • Record correspondence with clients to prove compliance with FINRA regulations.
  • Send statements to accountants and lawyers on behalf of clients.

Investment Banking

  • Record communications surrounding the due diligence process.
  • Speed processing of client materials by moving from paper to electronic.
  • Prove notice delivery to comply with regulatory requirements.

Trading Operations

  • Send transaction confirmation and settlements to corporate clients by email rather than fax/mail.
  • Provide statement or information on the value of the financial asset.
  • Convert required notifications such as privacy notices, proxies, etc., from paper to email.

Commercial Banking

  • Speed transaction processing time by converting notices regarding approval & disbursement from paper to email.
  • Use eSigning features to sign-on new customer accounts faster.
  • Use Intake Service to manage member complaints, fraudulent activity reports, identity theft notices, credit card billing challenges, etc.
  • Send notices of overdue credit card, mortgage & loan payments.

...and many more uses!