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Registered Email for Franchisors

Introducing a Time-Saving & Cost-Saving Tool for Communicating with Franchisees

Most franchisors today communicate heavily with potential and existing franchisees. In addition to legally required documents and notifications, all operational policies must be sent to the entire geographically-dispersed franchise organization to ensure standardization and consistency of the brand. Franchisors typically rely on fax, courier and certified mail, however these methods can be time-consuming and expensive and they divert resources away from day-to-day management of the core business. But now there is a better way.

The RPost® Solution:

With RPost’s Registered Email service, franchisors can use email instead of costly delivery services for important, sensitive, confidential, or regulated documents including Franchise Disclosure Documents. The RPost service complies with the E-Sign and UETA statutes and enables you to meet the recently amended FTC Regulations for Franchises. It provides you with a legally verifiable record of what time an important document such as the FDD was delivered to the franchisee and precisely what content was sent and received in the email and attachment.

Consider RPost as a trusted courier service for electronic communications. It offers the same level of assurance, security, tracking, and proof of delivery that you are accustomed to from your traditional physical vendors, but with many extra advantages that traditional vendors cannot compete with such as speed, simplicity and low price. The Registered Email service also provides value for franchisors by increasing liability protection and enhancing productivity.

Suggested Uses:

  • FDD's
  • Franchise Agreements
  • Launch Guidelines
  • Payment Notices

To experience tremendous dollar savings on your mail/courier budget and to increase operational efficiency, use RPost’s Registered Email service for sending important communications to franchisees as well as to attorneys, consultants, real estate partners, litigants and others. Whether you require delivery on a local or international level, it is easy to see how this service will impact the bottom line for your franchise organization.