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Registered Email for Insurance Agents & Brokers


RPost Services for Insurance Agents & Brokers:ciab-award
HIPAA-Compliant Encrypted Email & Registered
Email Delivery Proof Tools To Help Your Business
Reduce E&O Exposure, Risk, Time & Cost While
Ensuring Compliance


Endorsed by the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, RPost’s Registered Email service transforms insurance business operations by delivering advanced email liability protection and empowering insurance professionals to comfortably and efficiently use email where paper was once the only way to transact business.

Insurance professionals are conservative by nature and risk adverse, but are also under competitive pressure to streamline processes and drive greater efficiency. Confronted with huge Errors and Omissions (E&O) liability exposures, they require new technologies that allow them to optimize electronic communications while minimizing risk. By shoring up the last-mile security gap in traditional electronic business communications, RPost’s services offer insurance professionals speed, security, accountability and personal liability protection in a simple, cost-effective solution. Premier insurance brokers of all sizes across the globe have elected to use RPost services for business critical correspondence such as client and carrier/broker communications, post placement administrative correspondence, binding coverage, verifying strategic conversations, verifying terms and conditions or changes in coverage and more.

The RPost platform now also includes the Secu(R)mail encrypted email service. Insurance brokers are switching to the simple, cost-efffective SecuRmail service to ensure compliance with HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules governing transport of protected health information (PHI), while cutting costs and improving client satisfaction.

Service Highlights for Insurance Agents & Brokers:

  • Affords the benefits of using email for coverage-related and claims-related correspondence… without the risks!
  • Legally verifiable and admissible email evidence.
  • Includes SecuRmail, a HIPAA-compliant encrypted email service.
  • Acceptable form of notice as defined by regulators and can be used for transmission of confidential or HIPAA regulated data to clients or providers.
  • Protects against claims that insurer never received an endorsement or that an underwriter failed to bind the coverage that he or she received by email.
  • eSigning solution allows clients to "sign off" on coverage decisions, waivers, payouts and settlements via email.


Value For Insurance Agents & Brokers

  • Protects from Errors & Omissions exposure, liability
  • Reduces cost associated with private courier, fax, and certified mail
  • Confirms the transaction electronically, faster, and with less labor than paper
  • HIPAA-compliant encrypted email service is proven to cut cost and improve client satisfaction
  • Records negotiations, binds agreement, records contract sign-off by email
  • Maintains audit related records to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Increases responsiveness: receiver is aware that sender has proof
  • Protects privacy of clients’ sensitive information
  • Reduce risk of disputes around what has transacted by email – terms, confirmations, endorsements, property or coverage descriptions, timing, etc.


“For top brokers, Registered Email® gives iron-clad proof of performance - evidence that will hold up in court.”
-Ken Crerar, President of the Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers, which first endorsed Registered Email in 2004

"Aon continues to lead the market’s transition from unstructured data or paper to structured data in support of the re / insurance life cycle, however, as with many businesses, email is increasingly used during negotiation processes and as such, there is the potential for its abuse. For the benefit of Aon and its trading partners, Aon is using RPost’s Registered Email service to provide certainty and proof around who said what and when, removing any doubt surrounding email authenticity."
-Ian Summers, Managing Director, eBusiness & Market Reform, Aon Limited

"We chose RPost to provide our clients with greater assurance that their insurance needs were locked in with an electronic proof record of what has transpired. Whether it be quoting, agreeing contract changes, documenting conversations about specialist insurance coverage, or providing timely Evidence of Cover to clients following completion of the contract to ensure Contract Certainty, RPost reduces risk for us and our clients and provides secure document delivery with the speed of email. All London brokers should consider RPost services as a 'best practice' requirement and key to reduction in hard copy delivery cost."
-Stewart Brown, Butcher Robinson Staples International Limited

“We became interested in using RPost’s Registered Email service after our firm went through a procedures audit in relation to our E&O renewal. The proper use of email was one of the focal points of the audit. Through the audit, we learned that courts would not always admit traditional email as evidence. We realized we needed to be able to have legally verifiable proof that our emails were sent, received and had not been altered. Since Katrina, the insurance industry has become more sensitive to agent-client and agent-carrier/broker communications as we are dealing more with non-standard policy forms and a constantly changing set of policy terms and conditions. RPost is an essential tool to help us manage this communication by email.”
-Doug Mills, VP and COO of Gillis, Ellis & Baker, Inc., the Assurex Global Partner in New Orleans

"RPost's Registered Email service has changed our practices on what we communicate by email as opposed to regular mail, certified mail or fax. With RPost's Registered Email service we are able to send much more information by email given RPost's ability to provide legal proof of the delivery of the email content and attachments."
-A. Peter Prinsen, Vice President and General Counsel of The Graham Company

"…The entire insurance industry needs a product like RPost's Registered Email service for communicating with its customers, underwriters, marketing reps, claims adjustors, auditors and a host of other insurance related contacts. RPost not only transforms the way brokers send orders to bind coverage and endorsement, but all communications among clients, brokers and carriers are expedited and afforded more accountability.”
-Stuart Durland, Vice President, Seely-Durland Inc., Past-President of Applied Systems Client Network (ASCnet)

“The encryption capability was one of the main reasons Kapnick Insurance Group started the using RPost service. It was the only encryption solution that met our needs. We looked at many encryption solution providers and selected RPost because it was the most cost effective and user friendly. Our clients love the fact that they can open their encrypted email within moments of receiving it. Before we switched to RPost, our clients had to go through a multi-step registration process to receive their encrypted email. This was a hassle for our customers. RPost has allowed us to decrease our costs, improve our productivity, and cut down on both employee and client frustration.”
-Lynn Tober, network administrator at Kapnick Insurance Group

"Businesses should be mindful that email without RPost protection is somewhat like a postcard."
Linda Jackson, Jackson Dieken & Associates

“Recently I requested coverage bound on an account. The underwriter failed to bind the coverage that he received by my email. Because I sent the request using RPost Registered Email®, I was able to show undeniable proof of delivery and that the email had been opened. I simply forwarded the Registered Receipt email to the underwriter’s supervisor and everything was resolved. Had there been a loss and later an E&O lawsuit against me, I would have had irrefutable proof to put into evidence to prove my case. I use the RPost Registered Email service every day.”
-Randle M. Frankel, CEO, Frankel & Associates Insurance

"There have been several occasions over the first year of use, whereas an insurer claims they never received an endorsement, when all I had to do was go to that client's online file and pull up the Registered Receipt to prove confirmation by the insurer. Also, Registered Email is a superb tool to use while corresponding with clients for E & O purposes and as a way to confirm that indeed an email did reach and was read by the intended recipient...The top reason we use the service is to protect from Errors & Omissions liability. We see cost savings by eliminating E & O exposure, deductibles, and rate increases."
-Michael P. Carroll, The Carroll Companies, Maumee, Ohio