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Registered Email for Insurance Carriers


The Industry Catalyst for Process Improvement, Risk Reduction & Cost Savings

RPost is the catalyst for insurance carriers to eliminate paper and move to fully protected, legally verifiable electronic policy and notice delivery, signoff of claims, and post-placement administrative correspondence. The benefits for carriers are measurable and substantial in terms of reduced cost, risk, administrative time, and transaction cycle time.

Policy, Waiver, Rider, Claims-Related Notice Delivery Proof

RPost’s Legal Proof® solution provides the sender with a legally valid and admissible in court record of policy and notice delivery within deadline, by email, saving time, reducing mailing cost and providing greater agility. This can significantly improve efficiency and speed processes by satisfying notification requirements by email, and returning proof of compliance with requirements.

Post-Placement Administrative Correspondence

RPost offers a unique feature called Register Reply™, which permits both sender and receiver to confirm and lock-in post-placement correspondence by email, with an evidentiary record provided to both parties of the back-and-forth email thread. This can minimize the risk of later disputes around post-placement administrative correspondence.

Among others, Aon is one company who has chosen to minimize risk through use of RPost’s Register Reply™ feature to record back-and-forth post placement administrative correspondence.

Paperless, Faxless Signoff of Claims-Related Settlement Documents

RPost’s eSignOff® solution enables a one-click-signoff-by-email to close claims faster, with an evidentiary record of the sign-off provided to both parties – thereby eliminating the standard print/sign/scan/fax/mail signoff process. As the only fully electronic signing and countersigning service with no web links, clickthroughs, or third-party storage, RPost’s eSignOff solution provides the ultimate means to accomplish paperless and faxless signoff of waivers, policies, settlements and other agreements in order to cut costs, decrease cycle time and increase customer satisfaction.