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Registered Email for Pharmaceutical Firms

RPost Registered Email Services For Pharmaceutical Firms: A Catalyst to Cut Costs & Maximize Patent Revenue

Pharmaceutical firms never had a greater need to drive down costs and streamline processes. The healthcare industry today is stringent, highly regulated, and data intensive with medical research and clinical trials requiring rigorous and verifiable documentation within the United States FDA guidelines. In addition, pharmaceutical firms are experiencing more aggressive competition from both brand name and generic manufacturers as novel drug development opportunities are becoming fewer and farther between and often firms are left with designing, manufacturing and marketing products that cover same class therapeutics already established by others.

The healthcare industry’s current status quo for transporting the multitude of regulatory documents, business contracts, clinical and non-clinical research data is via Federal Express, UPS and other courier services. This is slow and expensive, however, and places pressure on firms’ profits by raising operational costs and prolonging lab-to-shelf time. The clear solution for improving efficiency is to eliminate paper and move as much as possible to electronic – even President Obama has recognized this as a priority by indicating that the United States Healthcare System must be redesigned for the digital age and that electronic records be implemented within his current term of office. It sounds simple, but the truth is that standard email technology cannot fully satisfy requirements and leaves firms open to significant liability exposure.

The RPost service suite can offer significant features and benefits over conventional technology and courier services in all aspects within the healthcare industry, from innovative, novel molecular discovery to commercial new drug approvals and post-marketing investigator initiated trials. Not only does it reduce operational costs, but it provides firms with an innovative method to speed time to FDA approval for novel drugs and maximize patent revenue. It accomplishes this while providing firms with the same level of accountability of the couriered document in terms of non-repudiation of delivery, security (via encryption) and guarantees against tampering – which cannot be said for conventional email today sent over the Internet.

Service highlights for pharmaceutical firms:

  • Convert notices and contracts to email
  • Extend revenue life of patent by speeding FDA submission
  • Create first-to-market sales/brand advantage
  • Cut operational cost of managing clinical trials
  • Optimize clinical research organization (CRO) operations
  • Validate and reduce outsourced operations and communication time with vendors