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Registered Email for the Travel Industry


RPost's Registered Email® Service for Travel & Tourism Agencies

RPost® Registered Email® services are an exciting new way for travel and tourism agencies to send important trip-related information such as itineraries, terms & conditions, contracts, billing forms and change orders– to reduce their costs, speed up processes to improve client satisfaction, and add a higher layer of liability protection for the company. RPost protects travel agents who are often caught in the middle, defending against clients attempting to deny charges or travel providers alleging agent error. It also ensures that each party knows the terms and conditions of a sale and has legally valid evidence of the transaction or agreement critical for industry suppliers, agents, hotels, tour operators, and cruise lines.

Within the travel industry, RPost’s Registered Email services are used for:

  • Cruise Industry. Prove the clients received all the terms and conditions for a cruise before the sailing.
  • Consolidators/Wholesalers. Provide for quick confident delivery of purchase and defend against attempts to rescind purchases by the client.
  • Tour Operators. Provide assurance and accountability to tour operators that deal in transactions involving many reservations and large sums.
  • Online Agencies. Verify details of transactions with buyers, and prove delivery of price or itinerary changes.
  • Hotel Bookings. Add accountability to hotel bookings, where the inaccuracy of one piece of paper could result in thousands of dollars at risk.
  • Travel Insurance. Prove the date/time of the binding of coverage once an application is processed.
  • Rental Car companies. Provide proof of dates, price and inclusions.


"I run a specialized travel agency that books trips for clients using their Marriott Rewards® Points, Frequent Flyer miles, and timeshare weeks, so that all they have to do for their vacation is show up at the airport. The first step is for each client to agree to my upfront fees, terms and conditions, but the problem is that many are dealing with me from home and do not have access to a fax machine. I was looking for a simple, cost-effective electronic contracting solution when I came across RPost's eSignOff® service. The service is exactly what I needed - it cuts down on time and effort for my clients to sign off, it is incredibly easy to use, and it speeds up my process for closing new business."
-Pam Keystone, Founder, The Art of Vacationing

“CharterAuction is one of the leaders in the private jet travel industry. On several occasions, the RPost Registered Email® system confirmed disputed transactions in our favor saving our company thousands of dollars. The Registered Email® service adds accountability to CharterAuction's electronic delivery of contracts, orders, and itineraries among clients, flight operators, and other suppliers. Given the amount of contracts that we send each month, we not only have significant savings in fax and courier costs, but most importantly, we also now have a simple and instant way to prove -- and enforce -- the details as to what has been agreed to, by whom, and when.”
-Nathan W. McKelvey, CEO, President & Founder, CharterAuction

"Every Travel Agent who Emails a confirmation, sends an invoice or agreement to their clients needs to have RPost, Registered Email® ! Finally, there is a simple, easy to use product that provides a legal audit trail and confirmation of receipt. OSSN highly recommends RPost, Registered Email®."
-Gary M. Fee, President, Outside Sales Support Network (OSSN)

"Those of us in the travel business are vulnerable to clients claiming that we didn’t inform them properly, as well as to client confusion and disputes about dates, name spellings, passport names, prices and more. No more. The Registered Email® service allows me to prove that an email recipient actually received my email, and given the detail-critical nature of the travel business, that’s a godsend. Not only will its documentation stand up in court, the cost of RPost is entirely reasonable and it was simple to add to my computer! The question isn’t ‘why have RPost,’ but why would everyone not have it!"
-Sally Watkins, Vice-Chairman, Association of Retail Travel Agents (ARTA)

“Registered Email® is better than using registered letters or FedEx®, since neither can provide proof of content transmitted.”
-Alexander Anolik, Travel Law Attorney and Legal Counsel for Association of Retail Travel Agent’s (ARTA)