LargeMail™ Service

Attach up to 200MB of files per email message

  • When transferring large files, how can you be sure your most sensitive financial, personal, or business information is not accessible via open web-links?
  • How do you know transfer agents have removed all remnants of the files or data from their servers?
  • What do you do when you must ensure encrypted delivery, or prove time of transfer to meet specific deadlines?
  • Using couriers or fax for large document deliveries and for receipts is expensive and cumbersome.

There is a better way; use RPost LargeMail™ service.

Large Document Delivery with Registered Email service tracking, proof, time-stamping and receipt records, for email with attachments up to 200MB (with larger transfer options upon request); includes 14-day pick-up window before files are purged from the RPost system.


LargeMail Local Delivery settings prevent message data from leaving customer premise other than when directly transferred to intended recipient. This setting is available when corporate customer installs RPost services via an appliance or virtual server within their enterprise IT ops.

Large Media File Auto-Play Option provides recipient choice to download large files (up to 200Mb) or play the media files from the RPost servers – automatically streaming content so the content is viewable on devices that might not have storage requirements to download the files.


Registered Receipt™ return email – court tested, third party authenticated on-demand, proof of delivery and timestamps.

Secure, Encrypted, Certified Purge – options for end-to-end encryption without open web links, with certified purge of files.

Download: RPost LargeMail Service Datasheet