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RPost Cloud Partner Program

Provides enhanced integration and patent protection. Delivers more value to your customers and generates new recurring revenue for your organization in as little as 30 days.

RPost is committed to building key partnerships with select organizations to enhance existing productRPost Cloud Partner Program Datasheet
offerings or create new, custom-branded solutions. By pairing your current offerings with RPost’s powerful suite of outbound messaging services, you can provide significant value to your customers by offering them innovative, cost-effective services that will ultimately allow them to derive more value from their email applications. Download Datasheet >>

RPost has transformed its patented processing networks into an open platform, so developers can
route high value outbound messages to the RPost Cloud for special processing without the need for specialized hardware or software. The high revenue share and ease of market entry are now vigorously protected via RPost’s IP portfolio.

The RPost Cloud acts as an infrastructure extension to developers’ own software platforms to add legally valid proof and non-repudiation, security and compliance, electronic signature and authentication, and collaboration and deliverability services.

Partners can now also build into their processes the ability to provision customers for access to RPost services (set up trials, new users, configure some settings, and reporting) using an RPost provided web console (one for partner admin, one for partner sales) or use an RPost API to add this to their existing administration panels. Interested in joining the RPost Cloud Partner Program? Contact Us!

The new integrated web console and enforcement of 36 patents address customer needs while assuring partner revenues.

With operations in every corner of the globe, RPost has mature services in place to work effectively with industry associations, telecommunications companies, technology distributors, postal organizations, email security companies, Internet service providers, email service providers, application service providers and more...

What RPost delivers:

Rapid Deployment

RPost can make offerings available to partner’s customers within 30 days from execution of an agreement with RPost

Horizontal Applications

A service applicable to all customers

New Revenue Source

New, recurring revenue streams

Suite of Outbound High-Value Features

Use of Registered Email services facilitate UPSELL of other compliance and archive offerings

Proven Technology

Current customer base has proven the reliability and the “sale-ability” of these services

Responsive to Customer Issues

Simple solution that addresses e-discovery, compliance, security, cost cutting, and risk reduction interests

Compliance and Economics

Keeps product suite fresh with protection from email liability, regulated compliance, paper reduction, and cost savings

RPost offers robust partner support.

RPost works closely with each partner to ensure that the launch of the relationship and the business, marketing or technology programs are tailored to the partner's needs and resources.

To help you get started, and to support your efforts going forward, RPost offers:

  • A dedicated on-demand sales team, providing assistance at any stage of the sales process
  • Extensive sales training services, including a sales consultant dedicated to your inside sales team
  • Access to the RPost Partner Portal, online marketing programs and sales tools
  • Educational programs including monthly webinars, product webinars, and demos-on-demand
  • Extensive pre- and post-sales technical support services
  • Customer billing, if required
  • Customized demand generation programs

Interested in joining the RPost Cloud Partner Program?

For more information on how RPost can work with you, please Contact Us!