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Industry Associations

Registered Email® services, by RPost, are in use in every business sector -- large companies, government departments, and small businesses, all over the world.

Unlike a behind the scenes technology, the Registered Email® service is business tool. As such, the leading industry associations see their alliance with RPost as an opportunity to educate their members on how, when, and why to use Registered Email® services allowing them to do more, better, faster and cheaper. Registered Email® services are about risk reduction, cost reduction, and productivity enhancement.

Many of these industry associations have endorsed Registered Email® services as LEGAL PROOF for Internet email and maintain established, on-going educational campaigns.

The Commercial Finance Association has partnered with RPost to educate its members on use of RPost's CapitalEdge™ solution to speed transactions and reduce risk.

The International Factoring Association has endorsed RPost services and educates its members on use of RPost's CapitalEdge™ solution to speed transactions and reduce risk.

The Public Technology Institute, through research, publications, conferences, pilots and demonstrations, serves more than 30,000 cities and counties across the United States. PTI has endorsed RPost's Registered Email service.

The Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers has endorsed RPost's Registered Email service. CIAB members placing $90 billion in insurance coverage every year, and as such, The Council’s members face huge errors and omissions exposures.

RIMS - The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents nearly 4,000 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and governmental entities. RIMS has endorsed RPost's Registered Email service.

Applied Systems Client Network (ASCnet) promotes successful automation and business practices through communication, education, and advocacy. The ASCnet family extends across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Scotland and the United Kingdom. ASCnet has approved Registered Email® services for its 100,000 independent insurance agents within its network.

The Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia (IBABC) offers the RPost's Registered Email® service to their membership as a member benefit.

The Association of Retail Travel Agents has endorsed RPost's Registered Email® services and conducts educational and promotional campaigns to all member travel agents and affiliates, recommending specific situations where they should be using Registered Email® services to protect them from liability associated with trip cancellations and other disputes.

OSSN, the #1 Travel Industry Trade Association representing the Home Based Travel Agency, Independent Contractor Seller of Travel and the Outside Sales Travel Agent, offers Registered Email® services to its network.

The Illinois Association of REALTORS® promotes Registered Email services to its 60,000 realtor members in a marketing partnership.

El COLEGIO DE CONTADORES PÚBLICOS DE COSTA RICA presenta un nuevo servicio con tecnología de punta que puede cambiar la forma de hacer negocios.

The New York State Association of REALTORS® offers the RPost's Registered Email service in its member benefits program.

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