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Industry Resellers

Registered Email® services, by RPost, are attractive in every business sector -- large companies, government users, and small businesses, all over the world.

As such, industry resellers have opted to distribute the RPost services. Those organizations that have reach to information technology professionals, office managers, C-level executives, and functional areas such as human resources, compliance, legal, or customer/supplier management executives are encouraged to contact RPost to incorporate Registered Email services into their offerings.


Insurance technology company Applied Systems partnered with RPost to help agents protect insureds’ personal information such as Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, and bank and credit card information. The HIPAA-compliant service reduces insurance professionals’ exposure to errors and omissions by providing security, accountability and liability protection.


Esquire Innovations, the leader in document metadata management, new iScrub® 7 EP1 release incorporates RPost's advanced electronic messaging, security, and collaboration services. The total attachment security solution combines document metadata management with email proof, message encryption, and electronic signature services.

Mortgage Quest

RPost services have been deployed for more than 4000 Market Focus Mortgage Quest mortgage industry customers. These home and commercial mortgage brokers now have, built into their business management platform, the ability to send Registered Email messages for time-stamped legal delivery proof, email encrypted documents and messages in compliance with data privacy mandates, and send documents and forms set to obtain recipient legal electronic signatures.

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