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Postal Partners

Postal organizations traditionally have offered trusted communications paper and post products. Those postal organizations that have partnered with RPost have determined that they would like to extend these traditional product categories into the electronic arena. As such, they see Registered Email® services, by RPost, as a tool that meets their mission of providing trusted communications to their customers.

RPost works to partner with postal organizations that are on the forefront of innovation and are looking to break down the barriers between traditional paper and post products and Internet electronic mail products.


The Colombia Post Office, locally called 4-72, launched the Registered Email service under the name of Certim@il as an official Colombian Postal service:  "This new alliance means for Colombia and for 4-72 the new offering of a world proven and renowned platform that will provide certainty, legal security, protection, and efficiency to electronic transactions and communications. RPost services make the conversion of paper to electronic possible -- for insurance, banking, commercial and public electronic contracts -- like never before." stated Juan Ernesto Vargas Uribe, president of the Colombian national postal service.

The Bermuda Postal Service: “For our business customers who compete on a global scale, we are extending the mailstream to include Registered Email services that bring far greater agility and speed in conducting their business internationally, with the added benefit of irrefutable proof to protect against common misunderstandings related to email delivery, content or time.”-- Michael Scott, Bermuda Minister of Energy, Telecommunications and E-Commerce.

Cayman Islands Postal Service: “With more business communications and contractual transactions taking place electronically, our alliance with RPost extends our commitment to building the most business-friendly global financial center possible. RPost’s Registered Email services will revolutionize the way our customers send important documents, even the most confidential ones, at a fraction of the cost of courier delivery with the speed of email.” -- Sheena Glasgow, Postmaster General.

Iceland Post 

Iceland Post launched Registered Email services as an official Postal Service to Iceland’s domestic and international businesses. Customers will be able to send international and local business correspondence — including invoices, contracts for signature, required notifications and general information — via email with verifiable proof of message delivery, content and official time.

Tanzania Posts Corporation is preparing to launch RPost's Registered Email service for those critical electronic communications that require an extra measure of confidence.

Saudi Post

Saudi Post one of the top government-owned technology pioneers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has selected the RPost Cloud platform as a central component of Saudi Post’s electronic service modernization effort. For customers in Saudi Arabia, RPost services are now offered co-branded as Saudi Post Registered Email® services; the Saudi Arabian Post’s standard for secure, legal electronic messaging and document services.

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