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Telecom Partners

RPost Registered Email® services are offered by major telecommunications companies to government and enterprise customers, integrated into offerings and/or as a stand alone services.

At its core, Registered Email services are telecommunication services that provide accountability in the data transmission. Registered Email services are seen as a replacement for older telecommunications technologies such as facsimile, telex, or standard email.

Any telecommunications company that is in the Internet connectivity or Internet services business should contact RPost to incorporate Registered Email services into their offerings.

Registered Email® is offered on AT&T's GSA Schedule to U.S. Government customers. The AT&T Government Solutions Group was the first AT&T group to resell Registered Email® and co-brands Registered Email® for AT&T customers. AT&T also certifies continuity of Registered Email® service. Contact RPost for information on how to purchase service from AT&T.

Orange Business Services is one of the world leaders in providing telecommunication services to multinational companies. Orange is France Telecom Group's single brand for Internet, television and mobile services. The Group has 186 million customers in 30 countries. Orange Business Services has contracted to offer RPost's Registered Email services integrated into its business quality email products.

RPost's Registered Email® service is offered on Sprint's GSA Schedule to U.S. Government customers. Contact RPost for information on how to purchase service from Sprint.

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