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RPost Registered Email Services

The worldwide standard for legal, third-party authenticated records of who said what to whom and when by email. Proactive protection in case of a dispute; gain the upper hand with RPost.

A Problem Solved – Registered Email® Proof: Who knew what when? Sending standard email is like sending a postcard written in pencil. Message content can be easily snooped or changed with a few mouse clicks without detection. Most of the time it is delivered; but sometimes it is not. Delivery is uncertain and in many cases, untraceable for end users. Using couriers or fax for receipts or to obtain recipient signatures on contracts is expensive and cumbersome. There is a better way – use RPost Registered Email services.

Legal Proof® records - RPost proves legal delivery, content and time for any email 100% of the time, regardless of recipient action with delivery direct to inbox.

Registered Receipt™ return email – court tested, third party authenticated, on-demand reconstruction of original message content including attachments, transaction meta-data, delivery status, and timestamps. More...

Large File and Document Services - transform attachments while en route to the recipient into secure PDF formats with options for meta-data file cleansing, removal of file history, compression and large file transfer up to 200Mb per message.

Digital Seal® time stamp and message authentication - like a postmark for electronic messages. This service now includes an option to add the sender's hand scripted signature on the bottom of the outbound email and attached PDF documents. The signatures are water-marked with a unique timestamp and the attached document is additionally PKI digitally signed for content integrity authentication. More...