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Datasheets - Services

RPost Services Overview: Triple Play pdficon large

Integrated proof, encryption & e-signatures - Registered Email® services are secure, authenticated and legal electronic messaging, document, and web services -- the way the world transacts business when it matters!

RPost Overview: RPost Cloud Partner Programpdficon large

Support for partners. Success together - Share recurring revenue from high value, high margin messaging; secure, legal electronic messaging and document services...


Registered Email® Proof pdficon large

Proof of delivery, content & timestamp - The worldwide standard for legal, third-party authenticated records of who said what to whom and when by email. Proactive protection in case of a dispute; gain the upper hand...

Encryption for Compliancepdficon large

Encryption for email, fill-in-forms & signoff - RPost encryption won the World Mail Award for Best in Security 2011, and was top choice in The Council's insurance industry email encryption buyer's guide 2010 and 2011!

Legal Electronic Signaturespdficon large

Legal, audit trail, highest evidential weight - The most comprehensive legal, internationally recognized electronic signature offering; for sender signatures and recipient signoff on emailed documents, PDF forms, and more...

Legal and Auditable Proofpdficon large

Delivery, content, time, encryption & signoff - Each RPost message returns a Registered Receipt email; a third-party verifiable record that re-constructs the authenticated original content, times, delivery metadata & forensics...

Registered Email Large Filespdficon large

Proof and timestamp for files up to 200Mb- Worldwide standard for legal, third-party authenticated records of who sent what to whom and when for large files. Proactive protection prevents disputes; gain upper hand...

R-PDF Forms Automationpdficon large

PDF forms fill, sign, extract, authenticate- The new standard for fillable PDF forms, to legally e-sign, extract data and authenticate content, timestamps and signing author... automated as a service, easy & under budget!