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RPost Analytics Advanced Reports
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RPost Analytics

RPost provides advanced reports on email opening, delivery, forwarding, fact of encrypted delivery, acceptance or denial of offers, times, and delivery failure using its patented technologies (US Patent numbers 8,224,913; 8,209,389; 8,161,104; 7,966,372 and 6,182,219, among other patents).

RPost Analytics offering includes:

  1. Sending to lists with no minimum volumes and no monthly recipient address commitments
  2. Sending using re-route of SMTP traffic, automated and by policy based on message content
  3. Sending via RPost web services using the RPost application programming interface (API), with RPost's enterprise API that permits certified service providers to send on behalf of their senders
  4. Returning delivery analytics and records as aggregate reports or as real-time message receipts with delivery metrics in XML format for import into existing process databases, ERP and CRM systems
  5. Returning certified reports, records, and audit trails for later authentication on demand, or court-admissible proof
  6. Extracting data from real-time message receipts using RPost software deployed by the sender, to catalog and route the receipts for later reference in email archive and business process and document management systems

RPost provides these technologies included with, and separately from, its patented Registered Email® service offering for proof of email delivery, content and time. Contact Us to discuss the RPost Analytics offering in more detail.