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RPost's Registered Email Services

Award winning Registered Email® service returns a certified email proof record of delivery, content and official time... Legal Proof®.

RPost has set the global standard for email proof, privacy, and e-signatures offered as Registered Email® services — an all-inclusive platform for proof of email delivery, content and official time, proof of privacy compliance with end-to-end email encryption, and e-signatures designed to speed contract sign-off. Plugs into Outlook, Lotus, Groupwise, Zimbra, BlackBerry,, SAP, and other sender email programs. The receiver does not require any special software. 

Benefits of RPost services:

  • Saves time & money by reducing the need to send important documents by FedEx/fax/postal.
  • Eliminates the hassle of follow-up calls and emails to confirm message delivery.
  • Gives sender the upper hand in any dispute involving the content or delivery status of email.
  • Mitigates risk by ensuring your email records are admissible into evidence if ever challenged.
  • Simplifies record-keeping as all delivery receipts are sorted automatically and can reconstruct a verified electronic original.
  • Increases responsiveness since recipient is aware sender has official proof of delivery.

What sets RPost services apart?

  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to install on one desktop or thousands – set up within minutes.
  • Works with all email programs, including handheld devices.
  • Core services do not require recipient to click links or have software, passwords, special accounts.
  • Does not store a copy of your message or attachments.

RPost is convinced that you will find the Registered Email® service to be a powerful, practical, and cost-effective tool to help protect your business and enhance productivity.

The core Registered Email service provides a Registered Receipt email giving the sender verifiable proof of:

Sending and receiving

Works with all email platforms (including webmail and PDAs)

Email content including all attachments

Does not require any recipient action or special software

Uniform time sent and received (atomic clock)

Does not store the sender's email content or information