12 Jun 2018

RMail Now Built into Leading Swiss ERP System, Abacus


Abacus, the leading Swiss ERP system, embedded RMail Registered Email encryption in its software to enable its 42,000 corporate customers to send payroll notices automated, encrypted, and certified. Winterthur, Switzerland – 13 June 2018 – RPost, a leader in email cybersecurity software services, Frama Communications AG Switzerland, a leader in secure handling of sensitive data and Abacus Research, the provider of the dominant ERP system in Switzerland,... Read more...

28 May 2018

Of Course, Alexa has Control of Your House


Recent reports of the amazing eavesdropping power and home control Amazon’s Alexa has (similar to other voice-assistances) should not surprise. Its inherent in how these virtual assistants work. Alexa has to always be listening to be able to respond to a voice command that may come from you yelling across the kitchen. She has to be ready to respond to back-and-forth question-response to receive further clarifying instructions if needed, so she... Read more...

03 May 2018

Today’s Fake News will be “Quaint” by 2020


Turning the power of connectivity against itself, fake Facebook and other social media accounts were able to spew propaganda to millions of targeted individuals who were specifically identified by the capturing of personal data from Facebook apps and Google analytics. Who was responsible? We won’t get involved in the debate here as you can easily form your own opinions. However, brace yourselves for what’s to come especially as we near the 2020... Read more...

25 Apr 2018

RPost and Global Micro Make Email Security Ubiquitous in South Africa


Heightened Interest in Email Security Drives RMail Email Security Update for Tens of Thousands of Microsoft Business Email Users Across South Africa Los Angeles, CA and Johannesburg, South Africa – 25 April 2018 –RPost, a leader in email cybersecurity software services, announces an expansion of its email security, compliance, and productivity services across South Africa, in partnership with Global Micro. Global Micro is one of the leading Microsoft... Read more...

20 Apr 2018

What is Your Mood Worth?


Why all of the hype around Facebook privacy revelations? After all, the purpose of Facebook is to share your information (albeit, among your closest friends). Perhaps one of the most alarming insights from the Cambridge Analytica findings is that with many Facebook apps or online surveys, when installed or taken by **anyone** in your Facebook network of “Friends,” **your** detailed data is siphoned off and sent to the app/survey company... Read more...

19 Apr 2018

MindCentric Turns On RPost Email Security for Thousands of its Businesses Customers

MindCentric Deploys Award Winning RMail Email Security, Compliance, and E-Signature Services as an Update for Tens of Thousands of Business Email Users Across its Microsoft and Zimbra Platforms Las Vegas, NV – 18 April 2018 –RPost, a leader in email cybersecurity software services, and MindCentric, one of the largest Zimbra and Microsoft business email hosting providers in the United States, announce one of the largest instant business email... Read more...

13 Apr 2018

RMail Awarded “Best IT Innovation in Germany 2018”


RPost’s RMail® product has been awarded the prestigious Initiative Mittelstand “Best Innovation in IT 2018” award. Initiative Mittelstand identifies the top IT solutions best suited for small and mid-sized companies in the German market. Initiative Mittelstand announces its winners specifically to educate attendees at CEBIT, the largest worldwide technology trade show held annually in Hannover, Germany. The RMail product won this... Read more...

06 Apr 2018

It’s a World of Soundbites. Will email adapt? The NFL has.


Today’s NFL coaches are concerned that the new players being drafted are millennials and they will need to be treated differently – they report that football playmaking classroom training sessions need to be limited to 30 minutes, with breaks for the athletes to check their phones, text messages, and social media feeds. In the elevator, at lunch, or even crossing busy streets, people today scroll the headlines on their phone news feeds (whether... Read more...

04 Apr 2018

RPost Services are a Logical Extension to any Microsoft Outlook or Office 365 Installation, According to Ingram Micro


Ingram Micro Australia has added RPost email security services to its cloud marketplace, considering the heightened interest in email security and compliance that has fuels demand for RPost. Ingram Micro is the world’s largest technology distributor. “Customers in regulated industries, as well as businesses large and small, have relied on RPost technologies for more than a decade, for the highest levels of security and compliance with... Read more...

04 Apr 2018

Ingram Micro Australia adds RPost Email Security Services to Cloud Marketplace

Heightened Interest in Email Security and Compliance Fuels Demand for RPost, Resulting in Ingram Micro Expanding its Global Partnership Sydney, Australia – 4 April 2018 – Ingram Micro, the world’s largest technology distributor, and RPost, a leader in email cybersecurity software services, announce an expansion of RPost email security, compliance, and productivity services now available to Ingram Micro channel partners in Australia. RPost... Read more...