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Group-Technologies has added RPost® Registered Email®services as a key component of its email life cyclemanagement products

GROUP Technologies Enters into StrategicPartnership with RPost®

Karlsruhe, January 19, 2006 – GROUP Technologies,provider of Email Lifecycle Management (ELM)software, today announced its entry into a strategic partnership with the software firm RPost. Under the new partnership, email delivery confirmation functionality provided by RPost’s Registered Email®message technology will be integrated into GROUP’s iQ.Suitefor Lotus Domino. The integration, which will resultin a comprehensive ELM solution that provides email with legal evidential value and enforceability, willbe jointly sold throughout Europe.


When email is used for business purposes, legal controversy over the delivery and content of email can sometimes arise. The business risks associated with this ever-present legal liability can be significantly minimized by the ability to provide bullet-proof, legally-valid evidence of what has transpired in email communication. The ability to verify the integrity and authenticity of email also helps organizations adhere to regulations concerning tamper-proof email archiving.


RPost’s Registered Email® message technology allows an email sender to receive confirmation that a message has been delivered,independent of the return receipt functionalityprovided by the recipient’s email system andwithout having to implement a special PKI. Thiselectronic “receipt,” which contains adigitally-signed delivery confirmation includingdelivery time, as well as a time-stamped copy of theentire original message, constitutes legally-validevidence that an email has been delivered to arecipient and precisely what that email said(including attachments).

Archivingsuch confirmations with iQ.Suite Store then providesan additional level of audit security.


“The integration of our Registered Email® message technology with iQ.Suite will create a high-performance email management solution that canincontrovertibly verify what has transpired inemail. This is especially critical to processesfound in the public and financial sectors. Workingwith GROUP Technologies, we believe the combinedsolution will quickly become recognized as astandard solution for legally valid emailcommunication,” said Zafar Khan, CEO at RPost.


“Theintegration of RPost’s innovative technology intoiQ.Suite’s ELM process allows us to offer existing2,000 customers and new customers a compelling new feature,” said Jürgen Wege, GROUP’s Chairman and CEO.

Further Information:

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About GROUP Technologies AG


GROUPTechnologies AG is a leading provider of Email Lifecycle Management (ELM) solutions. The intelligent, interlocking products found under themark iQ.Suite work together to enable robust security und the effective organization of email—from encryption, virus protection andanti-spam to content-based classification and securearchiving. The products are available for the LotusDomino, Microsoft Exchange and SMTP platforms.


Respected organizations like Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young,Honda, Heineken and Miele are just a few of the over2,000 customers and more than 6 million ELM users worldwide.


GROUPTechnologies is headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germanyand operates a subsidiary in the USA. Its productsare sold worldwide, both directly and throughbusiness partners.



Singlefin has integrated Registered Email® services into its managedsecurity and archiving suite, protecting its clientsfrom email related liability

San Diego, January 10, 2006. Singlefin ( has joined forces with RPost®( to provide its customers with RPost’s Registered Email® services – – Legal Proof™ email that protects the sender in case of a dispute.


Singlefin’s users who subscribe to its outbound mail security services are now enabled to send Registered Email® messages with just a few keystrokes. “We make it so simple to use – – almost intuitive. Our entire user base can now type (R) in the beginning of the subject field of any email and it goes as a Registered Email® message. They type the (R) and they know they are protected,” states Jake Jacoby, CEO of Singlefin. The RPost® system does not require the recipient to have any special software or take any compliant action.


“We are committed to keeping our clients ahead of the curve. The next level of email security is to protect from liability in email related disputes,” reports Jacoby. “Litigators are now realizing that if their client wishes to dispute email submitted as evidence, they can simply deny that their client received that email or what that email said. Registered Email® service protects the sender by providing them with irrefutable evidence of their email transactions.”


“Because of the ease with which an email can be modified (i.e. often with only two clicks of the mouse), a standard email that is sent or received, archived electronically, or stored in printed form, has limited ‘evidentiary value’ in a court of law. The usefulness of such documentation is very misleading. There is a misconception by the public that if one sees email in their ‘Sent Folder’ they assume that it was actually delivered to the recipient and is safe from dispute. In fact, it has to be proven that the email was sent. Moreover, it has to be proven that the email was received, when it was received, and what it said,” comments Allan Jeffrey, Director of Sales at Singlefin.


“Archiving email from the ‘Sent Folder’ is less than half the picture. With Registered Email®service and Singlefin mail archive, clients can archive not only what was sent, but also retain legally valid evidence of precisely what was said, sent and received, by whom and when,” remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. “Prominent attorneys and major law firms are now using Registered Email® services daily for these very reasons.” Other users include the United States Congress’ Government Accountability Office, the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census, and select U.S. Air Force staff in the Pentagon, among others. Symantec Corporation, the leader in Internet security, is a major investor in RPost®.


“Should an email communication end up in court, for any reason, its ‘evidentiary value’ may be questioned unless precautions are taken. Using Registered Email® service is that precaution,” adds Zafar Khan. “Use of Registered Email® services minimize denial of receipt and disputes related to the content agreed to in email transactions.”


“RPOST® is better than using registered letters or FedEx®, since neither can provide proof of content transmitted,” Jacoby points out. Singlefin provides a full range of email security services for more than 9 million users, including anti-spam, anti-virus, content filtering, archiving, and now Registered Email® services.


About Singlefin


Singlefin is a leader in messaging management and the first company to offer complete Managed Protection Services that are scaleable and configurable for companies of any size. Singlefin aims to reduce money and time spent internally managing complicated messaging system networks. Singlefin’s solutions handle every aspect of the messaging infrastructure from attachment filters, to archiving integration ad back-ups to anti-virus protection, to outbound filtering, compliance filtering, routing and more. Singlefin is currently the only company to handle configurable and scaleable email, web filtering and instant messaging management on so many levels. Singlefin is privately funded and is headquartered in Cardiff by the Sea, Calif.


For more information contact:

Shana Starr / Jason Kirshner R.M.S. Public Relations

949.481.3984 / 949.215.7674 /

Illinois Association ofRealtors endorses Registered Email® services as atool to help its realtors do more better, faster,and cheaper

RPost Registered Email® Service Endorsed by The Illinois Association of Realtors®

The Illinois Association of REALTORS®(IAR) is pleased to announce its sponsorship of RPost®Registered Email® services for use by IAR members in theirtransaction-related email communications,confirmations and notifications among clients andother REALTORS®.

“RPost Registered Email®service is the email communications breakthrough that REALTORS®have been waiting for – a tool that providesREALTORS®with proof of all critical communications” adds IARChief Executive Officer, Gary Clayton, “Registered Email®messages can eliminate the 8-page faxes that we aresending back-and-forth.”

With the proof afforded by Registered Email®messages, IAR has recommended REALTORS®use Registered Email®services to deliver notice for removal ofcontingencies, record notice of price and statuschanges, and retain evidence of notice forresidential property disclosures.

Several U.S. Federal Government agencies as wellas major law firms and insurance agencies, amongothers, currently use RPost Registered Email®services to protect the sender in disputes involvingemail content, transmission time, or status ofreceipt. Symantec Corporation, a leader in Internetsecurity, is a major investor in RPost.

According to Rick O’Connor, a RE/MAX agent inWoodstock, Illinois and user of Registered Email®services, “Finally, REALTORS®have the missing link which allows our team toelectronically complete a purchase or sale agreementwhether my client is across the street or across thenation. I can now improve my closing time andeliminate the need for paper transactions, faxes orexpensive couriers. Registered Email®services are for the REALTOR®who wants to be ahead of their competitors, byoffering an enhanced agent service to clients, whichreduces risk and allows us to confirm all writtenoffers and counteroffers including verbalagreements.”

Registered Email®messages also allow confirmation of replies toemails using the RPost “Register Reply™ feature”which allows a RECEIVER of a Registered Email®message to reply and also receive legal proof of theagreement. This is a straightforward way to takeadvantage of the electronic signature laws, to bindagreement for offers and counteroffers with simpledesktop email. “REALTORS®who want to reduce costs, reduce the time to close adeal, and have a competitive advantage in theirmarket will quickly adopt the Registered Email®service as a core method of doing business,” remarksZafar Khan, CEO of RPost.

IAR’s sponsorship of Registered Email®services demonstrates the Association’s commitmentto remain on the forefront of innovation for itsmembers. As the National Association of REALTORS®former Chief Economist, John Tuccillo stated,”Technology will not replace REALTORS®,but REALTORS®with technology will replace REALTORS®without technology.”

RPost Contact: Kieron Sweeney – ksweeney@rpost.comor (250) 768-0473

Canadian Trade Commissionerwrites about the evidentiary value of email vis avis paper and post mail, discussing RegisteredEmail® messages as evidence

A report on the Computer Law Committee of the IPSection of the California State Bar and SouthwesternUniversity School of Law, prepared by Thomas Palamides,Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles, was released to business and government executives onAugust 10, 2005.


Thomas Palamides, Trade Commissioner, CanadianConsulate General

550 S. Hope Street, 9th Floor,Los Angeles, CA 90071

California State Bar Association

Does Email Have the Same Evidentiary Foundation as Paper-and-Post Mail?

RPost® was invited to speak to the Computer Law Committee of the IP Section of the California State Bar and Southwestern University School of Law on August 8. The topic was about email having the same evidentiary foundation as paper-and-post mail, some of the legal risks of standard email, misconceptions of various email security solutions in the market, and the evidentiary value of RPost Registered Receipt™ email.

A report on the session prepared by Thomas Palamides, Canadian Consulate General, Los Angeles, was released to business and government executives on August 10, 2005.

Thomas Palamides, Trade Commissioner, Canadian Consulate General, 550 S. Hope Street, 9th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071 (

Lawyers Weekly Mass

You’ve Got RegisteredMail

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly


Registered mail is so last year.


These days, all the cool lawyers are turning to registered email. Well, maybe not all thecool lawyers, but chances are it’s only a matter oftime before everyone who wants positively certainthat their intended mail recipient actually receivedwhat was sent will be doing so through theircomputers.


Public Technology Institute,the association of city & county CIOs, agrees to educate its members on Registered Email®services as essential for government

Public Technology Institute Partners with RPost®; will conduct Registered Email® Service Pilot in Local Governments


Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2005. Public Technology Institute (PTI), ( thenational non-profit technology research anddevelopment organization for local governments,today announced a new industry partnership andcollaboration with Los Angeles-based RPost (,developer of the service designed to protect the sender with legal proof of sending, receiving,content, authorship and official time stamp for Registered Email® messages sent to any Internet address. The product hasalready been tested and used by several U.S.government agencies needing inexpensive verificationand evidence of email delivery, content and time.


Public Technology, Inc. is a national non-profittechnology research and development membershiporganization created in 1971, based in Washington,D.C. Many of the most innovative and technologysavvy cities and counties across the nation aremembers of PTI. PTI’s mission is to help bring thebenefits of technology to local and stategovernments. Through research, task forces, focus groups, pilot projects and other initiatives, PTIworks with industry partners to keep pace with advances in technology and forge innovatives olutions to the challenges faced by local governments.


Jack Cranley, former associategeneral counsel of CitiMortgage, writes on use of Registered Email® services to close real estatetransactions

Realtor Use of the RPost Registered Email®Service to Close Deals

By Jack Cranley,attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage.


In most real estate transactions there is an offer,counter-offer, and acceptance process. The longer ittakes to close on an offer, the greater the riskthat other parties might learn the details of thedeal. Realtors can now avoid the risk of discoveryby facilitating the offer/acceptance process withspeed, ease, confidentiality, and accountability byusing Registered Email®messages and taking advantage of the electronicsignature statutes.

Jack Cranley, attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage. Mr. Cranley hasexpertise in insurance law, real estate ande-commerce law, and is a contributor and editor forthe published financial services sector, “Standardsand Procedures for Electronic Signatures andRecords” (SPeRS).

Jack Cranley

#2 Butternut Lane

Glen Carbon, IL 62034


Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

RPost Registered Email®Service Endorsed by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers


RPost, The Registered Email® Service Company (, announced today it’s revolutionary Registered Email® message product has been endorsed by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. The Council represents the top one-percent of all commercial property/casualty and employee benefits brokers in the United States, a group that places 80 percent of commercial insurance premiums.



Pat Byrnes, founder of Strategic Benefits Group, writes about ERISA Disclosure Requirements and Registered Email® services to protect from investment lossliability

RPost Registered Email® service – Protection from Investment Loss Liability

By Pat Byrnes, MSPA, MAAA, EA

Officers, directors, board members, 401(k) Plancommittee members, Plan administrators, trustees,investment advisors, and investment managers couldbe held personally liable for investment lossesresulting from participant investment decisionsunless the Plan complies with the EmployeeRetirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Section404(c).

To abate this liability many plan sponsors arevoluntarily electing to become compliant under ERISASection 404(c). Compliance is achieved by providingrequired and requested information to participantsand making sure they actually received it, even ifthey CLAIM that they did not receive the notice

Pat Byrnes, Member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries (MSPA), Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA) and an Enrolled Actuary(EA), is President of Actuarial Consultants, Inc., a Los Angeles based consulting and administrative firm. He is also cofounder of Strategic Benefits Group, as well as cofounder and Managing Director of CCi, acompensation consulting company.

He is past President of the American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA), and in 2004 received the Commissioner’s Award from the Tax-exempt and Government Entities Division of the Internal RevenueService for his contributions in co-founding and cochairing the Los Angeles Benefits Conference for the past 13 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Commerce from the University of Santa Clara in 1967 and a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1969.