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Public Technology Institute,the association of city & county CIOs, agrees to educate its members on Registered Email®services as essential for government

Public Technology Institute Partners with RPost®; will conduct Registered Email® Service Pilot in Local Governments


Washington, D.C. – March 1, 2005. Public Technology Institute (PTI), ( thenational non-profit technology research anddevelopment organization for local governments,today announced a new industry partnership andcollaboration with Los Angeles-based RPost (,developer of the service designed to protect the sender with legal proof of sending, receiving,content, authorship and official time stamp for Registered Email® messages sent to any Internet address. The product hasalready been tested and used by several U.S.government agencies needing inexpensive verificationand evidence of email delivery, content and time.


Public Technology, Inc. is a national non-profittechnology research and development membershiporganization created in 1971, based in Washington,D.C. Many of the most innovative and technologysavvy cities and counties across the nation aremembers of PTI. PTI’s mission is to help bring thebenefits of technology to local and stategovernments. Through research, task forces, focus groups, pilot projects and other initiatives, PTIworks with industry partners to keep pace with advances in technology and forge innovatives olutions to the challenges faced by local governments.


Jack Cranley, former associategeneral counsel of CitiMortgage, writes on use of Registered Email® services to close real estatetransactions

Realtor Use of the RPost Registered Email®Service to Close Deals

By Jack Cranley,attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage.


In most real estate transactions there is an offer,counter-offer, and acceptance process. The longer ittakes to close on an offer, the greater the riskthat other parties might learn the details of thedeal. Realtors can now avoid the risk of discoveryby facilitating the offer/acceptance process withspeed, ease, confidentiality, and accountability byusing Registered Email®messages and taking advantage of the electronicsignature statutes.

Jack Cranley, attorney at law, former AssociateGeneral Counsel of CitiMortgage. Mr. Cranley hasexpertise in insurance law, real estate ande-commerce law, and is a contributor and editor forthe published financial services sector, “Standardsand Procedures for Electronic Signatures andRecords” (SPeRS).

Jack Cranley

#2 Butternut Lane

Glen Carbon, IL 62034


Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

RPost Registered Email®Service Endorsed by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers


RPost, The Registered Email® Service Company (, announced today it’s revolutionary Registered Email® message product has been endorsed by The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers. The Council represents the top one-percent of all commercial property/casualty and employee benefits brokers in the United States, a group that places 80 percent of commercial insurance premiums.



Pat Byrnes, founder of Strategic Benefits Group, writes about ERISA Disclosure Requirements and Registered Email® services to protect from investment lossliability

RPost Registered Email® service – Protection from Investment Loss Liability

By Pat Byrnes, MSPA, MAAA, EA

Officers, directors, board members, 401(k) Plancommittee members, Plan administrators, trustees,investment advisors, and investment managers couldbe held personally liable for investment lossesresulting from participant investment decisionsunless the Plan complies with the EmployeeRetirement Income Security Act (ERISA) Section404(c).

To abate this liability many plan sponsors arevoluntarily electing to become compliant under ERISASection 404(c). Compliance is achieved by providingrequired and requested information to participantsand making sure they actually received it, even ifthey CLAIM that they did not receive the notice

Pat Byrnes, Member of the American Society of Pension Actuaries (MSPA), Member of the American Academy of Actuaries (MAAA) and an Enrolled Actuary(EA), is President of Actuarial Consultants, Inc., a Los Angeles based consulting and administrative firm. He is also cofounder of Strategic Benefits Group, as well as cofounder and Managing Director of CCi, acompensation consulting company.

He is past President of the American Society of Pension Actuaries (ASPA), and in 2004 received the Commissioner’s Award from the Tax-exempt and Government Entities Division of the Internal RevenueService for his contributions in co-founding and cochairing the Los Angeles Benefits Conference for the past 13 years. He earned a Bachelor of Science and Commerce from the University of Santa Clara in 1967 and a Masters in Business Administration from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1969. Debuts Registered E-Mail Service

APRIL 5, 2000 – LOS ANGELES, CA – Inc. will preview the industry’s first registered e-mail delivery service at the “e-mail center” at Internet World. “Very often for businesses, and even individuals, just sending off an e-mail isn’t enough,” explains Terrance Tomkow, President and Chief Technology Officer of Inc. “FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service and just about every other major delivery service has known this for decades, which is why they offer delivery confirmation services like registered mail. But for the most part, that hasn’t been an option with e-mail services. When over one trillion e-mails were sent in 1999, we decided to do something about that.”

The Rpost service time stamps and authenticates the contents and attachments of email with a digital fingerprint, while providing third party verification that the email was sent and delivered to the recipient’s mail server.

That digital fingerprint technology uses the same Secure Hash Standard used by the National Security Agency branch of the US Government. This technology is widely considered by cryptography specialists to be one of the most secure available and is used by Rpost to verify that neither the e-mail itself, nor any attachments had been altered in any way prior to delivery.

Although Rpost will not formally launch until May 1, users may try out the service by either going to the company’s web site, and sending e-mail from there or by adding to the list of cc: recipients on outgoing mail.

Once a piece of e-mail goes through Rpost’s mail server, the proprietary, patent-pending system returns a delivery receipt to the user, containing verification information such as time, email contents, and a digital fingerprint. Rpost uses this fingerprint to authenticate the email if there is ever a question. If the recipient allows, Rpost also confirms that the email has been opened.

The company, which is scheduled to go public in April, expects to generate its primary revenues as a value-added e-mail service for web-based e-mail services, e-commerce sites, corporate mail servers and ISPs who sign up to use Rpost as an outsourced mail server.

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