01 Apr 2019

The E-Sign Revolution and its Evolution

Impressions of e-signatures today still depend on who you ask. Many users report e-signatures today as “a life saver”, but some still think of e-signature services as “scary to use” or “simply not trustworthy”. What a contrast, depending on who you ask and what services people have been exposed to. In RPost’s recent customer survey with more than 2,000 corporate respondents, the comment that seemed to sum up the overall e-sign experience... Read more...

07 Dec 2018

Not All TLS is Created Equal

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Many, many software service sales professionals throw around security phrases to make cyber security sound simple. Today, as technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler. The devil (hacker) is in the details. Here, we will try to (in a simple manner) decipher a commonly referred to catch all for security, TLS, and explain why the details are important. “Not all TLS is... Read more...

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30 Nov 2018

Your Spit is Your Real Government ID

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The DHS is using Congress’ “Real ID” Act of 2005 to require all US states to issue new, more robust IDs for air travel originating in the United States (source). Has the DHS missed the real opportunity, to consider today’s state of technology? There are already millions upon millions of dollars being spent to upgrade every citizen’s driver’s license to a “Real ID”. Why not, in the same process, associate each one’s retina scan, fingerprint,... Read more...

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09 Feb 2018

The Thrill of a Live Experience

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Why do humans prefer live events vs. recorded ones, even though recorded, tape delayed or on-demand events provide the same sensory experience? The 2018 Winter Olympics have begun and even though it is happening on the other side of the world in Pyeongchang, South Korea, (17 hours ahead PST), NBC will be doing its coverage live this year instead of on tape delay. The ratings for the 2016 Rio Summer Games were down by double digits as the complaints... Read more...

27 Jan 2017

The Evolution of the E-signature Revolution

Electronic signature technology is already the industry standard for executing business contracts in almost every industry. Professionals in real estate, legal services, investment management and insurance, particularly, have adopted use of this technology to transact efficiently. As e-signatures have now reached mainstream levels of adoption, where does the technology go from here? Business Process Automation By now, almost every working professional... Read more...

19 Dec 2016

E-Signature Market Update: What to Expect in 2017


Much of the uncertainty as to the legality of electronically signed contracts has dissipated over the last decade and a half — through definitions in the broad state (UETA) and Federal (ESIGN) statutes, and through practice by the first few waves of adopters. Today, e-signature services are widely used by professionals within financial services, insurance, real estate, legal services, and other industries. Most business professionals are now... Read more...

03 Jun 2016

E-Signatures Empower Your Business Processes

E-signature technology offers much more than just the ability to get a document signed remotely. E-signature technology also provides businesses with the opportunity to completely reinvigorate decades-old business processes, enhance productivity, and automate mundane work flows. Are e-signatures legal? US ESIGN law states, in short, that a legal e-signature is a sound, symbol, or mark, made with intent to sign. In short, yes. Will an e-signed document... Read more...

02 Jun 2016

Are E-Signatures Legal?

People use e-signatures every day without even realizing they’re “e-signing” — signing on an electronic signature pad at grocery store check-out, replying to an email with a typed confirmation of terms, or putting in a PIN code for a debit card transaction, for example. Most people have no doubts about the legality of these everyday “e-sign” transactions. Yet, according to a member poll of the International Association of Commercial... Read more...

14 Feb 2014

RPost Services Support Compliance with New FDA Guidelines on 21 CFR Part 11

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has published guidance for compliance with specific regulations in 21 CFR Part 11. This guidance is intended to describe the FDA’s current thinking regarding the scope and application of part 11 of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations; Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures (21 CFR Part 11). RPost’s Registered Email® service supports compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 with regard to preserving... Read more...

14 Nov 2013

Upgrade Strengthens RPost’s Unique Salesforce.com App Capabilities

RPost today announced a major update to its RMail App for Salesforce.com. This update fills existing data privacy compliance and e-signature gaps and is unique in that: You can encrypt both the message body AND attachments for data privacy/compliance. Most cloud-based document sharing services send the document only secure/private – not the message body. You have DIRECT DELIVERY of documents to recipients, not simply a link requiring the recipient... Read more...