16 Aug 2019

Will the Selfie Obsolete the Psychiatrist?

The Selfie Evolves. Thousands of student protesters in Hong Kong are starting to worry. They believe that the government knows their face. Was it all the selfies they took and posted online? Or was it that others took photos and their general circle of friends posted them tagging their faces? This is the first time in history that mass protesters are worried about their past selfies; they are covering their faces with hoods, hats, and big dark sunglasses... Read more...

25 Jul 2019

Equifax’s $10 Billion Bet. You Really Don’t Care (Enough to Do Something)

With so many big-name data breaches in recent times, your eyes may have glossed over the recent Equifax consumer data breach settlement. The numbers were big, 147 million consumers had their sensitive information exposed. The penalty, $700 million (or about $5 per person). Source: New York Times, Krebs. Factored into this amount are ways in which consumers can request extra perks, compensation for time spent dealing with the breach and worry about... Read more...

04 Jul 2019

Independence Day – The Good Old Days When Only the NSA Read your Email

This time of year, we usually find ourselves reflecting on the great freedoms we enjoy as Americans, thanks to the bravery of our founding fathers and the militia men and women of that era. Several years ago, we reported an analysis of the alleged revelations made public by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, as a foreshadow of a rising threat to the Constitution which was put in place to protect these freedoms, including 4th Amendment protection from... Read more...

17 Jun 2019

Do Recommendation Engines Make us Simpler Minded?

Recommendation engines operate behind the scenes everywhere, to make life a little more enjoyable, simpler, and more relevant. But do these make us all narrower minded? YouTube, Netflix, Google Search, Apple News, Facebook feeds, Pinterest posts; these services are all focused on increasing user engagement. More engagement means more reliance on their platforms and ultimately more profits. How do they increase user engagement? They use advanced technologies... Read more...

22 Apr 2019

Not All Email Tracking is Created Equal

If you are sending a zillion newsletter or marketing emails, sure, email marketing platforms make it easy to manage your email list; and many do provide some basic tracking information. But how reliable is this information? Should it be relied on important business email or important notifications? No. Why not? First, many of these email marketing platforms base their tracking on whether images in the email where displayed or not. If you are sending... Read more...

07 Dec 2018

Not All TLS is Created Equal

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Many, many software service sales professionals throw around security phrases to make cyber security sound simple. Today, as technologies advance and threats get ever more sophisticated, encrypting email for privacy compliance is not getting simpler. The devil (hacker) is in the details. Here, we will try to (in a simple manner) decipher a commonly referred to catch all for security, TLS, and explain why the details are important. “Not all TLS is... Read more...

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02 Mar 2018

“Fake Email” leads to “Fake News” claim


In our recent Tech Essentials edition, about the “million-dollar email,” delivery proof was at question. The recent events highlighted below emphasize the additional importance of being able to easily prove the content of your sent email. As you will read, it is very easy for a recipient to modify an email with a few mouse strokes, print to PDF, forward the modified copies, and suddenly you, the sender, are on the defensive… trying to prove... Read more...

09 Feb 2018

The Thrill of a Live Experience

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Why do humans prefer live events vs. recorded ones, even though recorded, tape delayed or on-demand events provide the same sensory experience? The 2018 Winter Olympics have begun and even though it is happening on the other side of the world in Pyeongchang, South Korea, (17 hours ahead PST), NBC will be doing its coverage live this year instead of on tape delay. The ratings for the 2016 Rio Summer Games were down by double digits as the complaints... Read more...

16 Nov 2017

The Certified Mail Envelope Was Empty


You show up in court with a US Certified Mail “Green Card” delivery receipt, evidence that supposedly proves you delivered a timely notice. The other party simply stands up and says quizzically, “Sure we got the certified letter, but no one in our office could figure out why we were sent an empty envelope!” And of course, there’s no proof of what was or wasn’t inside the envelope. Did the mail room attendant or administrator forget to... Read more...

02 Nov 2017

Should you Trust your Fax?


Habits are often hard to break. Some professional offices, particularly in the health care sector, when there is a need to send something private, send by fax. Their belief is, if they send by fax, the transmission is secure and private (HIPAA compliant). While they may have maintained this way of communicating out of habit or by policy, the environment in which they are communicating has changed. No longer, at the receiving end, are people receiving... Read more...