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RPost® Company Trademark Policies

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Guidelines in General

A trademark is an adjective that describes a noun. Therefore, WHENEVER you use an RPost trademark in text (i.e. not as a title, but in a letter, e-mail, or marketing document), you must you use the trademark as an adjective.

For example, write, “send a Registered Email™ message” or, “try the Registered Email™ service” or perhaps, “use the Registered Email™ system” rather than “send a Registered Email” or “try Registered Email”.

Note, you are adding the noun, “message” or “service” or “system” of which “Registered Email” is describing, and that noun should begin with a lowercase letter. For example, the “s” in “system” or “service” should be lowercase as well as the “m” in message. (The exception would be when using in a title).

While you must properly use the trademark as an adjective followed by a noun in all contexts such as letters, e-mail, or marketing documents, you generally need to only include the appropriate ™ trademark markings in the first display of the trademark in a document. An exception to this is that for press releases, the trademark symbols should neither be used in headlines, taglines, nor in the first sentence of the press release.

When you reference trademark ownership, you should reference that, “The listed trademarks are owned by RCom Limited, or its subsidiary RPost Communications Limited (“RPost”)”

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