Admin Tab

Last Updated On January 16, 2019
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Admin Tab

Once a user is created as a CUSTOMER ADMIN, he or she will have access to an additional ADMIN tab on the top toolbar where he or she can log into RSign. This tab lists users under the admin’s company account. The ADMIN tab allows Customer Admin to set roles for other users under the company account.

A Customer Admin can search for specific users by entering the user’s name or email address in the Search box and clicking Submit.

ADMIN Tab View

A Role can be assigned to a user by selecting a value in the Role dropdown column. The dropdown has the following values:

  • User: (Default) This role is for the general user of the system.
  • Customer Admin: This role is assigned to the Admin of the customer account. The current Customer Admin can create additional Customer Admins for the account by setting their roles to Customer Admin and then clicking Update