Align Form Fields

Last Updated On February 04, 2019
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Align Form Fields

The form field alignment tools can be used to align form filed controls right, center or left when preparing a document withinStep 2: Prepare“.


In the SETTINGS tab, under ADMIN SETTINGS, you have an option to enable or disable form field alignment as a pre-set default value.

  1. Option: Lists available settings.
  2. Default Settings: This column controls the availability of the setting when preparing a document.
    1. N: This setting is disabled.
    2. Y(default): This setting is enabled.

End User Experience

The setting to allow users to align form fields left, center or right while.  This is done by highlighting the form field controls and pressing the align buttons.

Example: Align Form Fields to the Left

  1. Form Field Controls are misaligned.                          
  2. With the mouse or touchpad click and hold the button. Drag the selection field over the form fields that need to be aligned and then release. The from fields will become highlighted.
  3. Click one of the alignment tools, in this instance Align selected controls to left.
  4. The form fields are now aligned to the field that is positioned furthest left, in this instance, Signature.