Allow Recipient to Attach Files

Last Updated On February 04, 2019
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Allow Recipient to Attach Files

If, at times, you will need a signer to send you additional file(s) in addition to signing a document that was sent to him or her you can enable this in the Settings tab. The uploaded files become part of the final signed record. The files that are uploaded by the recipient(s) are only received by you ( the RSign sender) and will be attached to the email sent with the final signed contract as a compressed zip file.


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, you have the option to enable or disable this feature and set it as a default value.

  1. Options: This column lists the available settings.
  2. Enable?: This column controls if the setting will be available in the SEND tab or not.
    1. Checked: This setting will be visible in the OPTIONS section in the SEND tab.
    2. Unchecked (Default): This setting will not be visible in the OPTIONS section in the SEND tab.
  3. Default Value: This column lists the default values for all available settings. These default values will be displayed when the SEND tab is selected to prepare a new document for signature. If the check box under the “Enable?” column is unchecked, recipients will not be able to attach files.

End User Experience

  1. If you wish the signer attach some files when sending the document, request the files be included in the body of the email where the signer is invited to sign.
  2. If the setting Allow recipient to attach file(s) while sending is enabled, the recipient will see the Attachment button on the top toolbar while signing the document.
  3. When the Attach button is pressed, the signer will prompted to pick a drive from where to access files to upload.                                                                                                                            
  4. After the files are selected and uploaded, they can be viewed in the lower left corner of the signing page.
  5. The sender receives the final signed contract PDF and documents uploaded by the signers in a zip file.