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Last Updated On February 04, 2019
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How to Create a Rule

A Rule is a set of form field controls that can be automatically applied to any document or form. The Rule feature allows users to use any new forms or documents but apply a fixed set of form fields to those documents. This saves a lot of time, as it allows you, an RSign user and sender of documents, to not have to create a new set of form field controls for varying documents that require similar data. It may be helpful to think of a rule as a portable set of form field controls that are not bound by a single document.


In the SETTINGS tab, under ADMIN SETTINGS, the user has the option to enable or disable this feature and pre-set a default value.

  1. Option: This column lists the available settings.
  2. Default Settings: This column displays what the setting is currently set as and defaults to when sending an envelope.
    1. N:(default): This setting is disabled.
    2. Y: This setting is enabled.

Create a Rule:

  1. To create a Rule, press the TEMPLATES tab and click Create Template or Rule.
  2. Make your options selection, the options provided here are specific to templates and rules.
    1. Name: Name the template.
    2. Description: Assign a description to the template.                                                                                    
    3. Allow Template Editing: will not apply if creating a rule.                                                                      
  1. CREATE ROLES A role is the term used for a yet to be determined signer that will complete the form fields assigned to him or her.                                                                                                                    
  2. Press + Role and add the role of the signer(s). Example: Company.
  3. ATTACH FILES: Click the + Document button.
  4. Using the selected file manager select the reference document(s) you are using to create a rule Rule. Multiple documents may be added when creating a Rule. Please be aware, no documents will be generated when using the rule, the documents uploaded here are for formatting of form field controls only.
  5. The attached document will appear under ATTACH FILES.
  6. ADD MESSAGE: Add an subject and message which will be used when a document using this rule is sent to a recipient. This message can be modified when creating the envelope.
  7. Press Next, you will now be brought to step 2/2: Prepare.
  8. Prepare the document by dragging and dropping the form field controls onto the desired location.
  9. Hover the mouse over Save As and click Rule.                                                                                                                                           
  10. You will now be brought to the TEMPLATES tab. Under the Type column, your creation will be labeled a Rule.
  11. Click the   icon to view the template details.
  12. Template table details:
    1. Code: Unique code assigned to this template.
    2. Name: Template name.
    3. Description: Template description.
    4. Type: Template type (Template or Rule).
    5. Created Date: Date and time the template was created.
    6. Link: No link option for Rule.
    7. Edit: Click to edit the Rule.
    8. Delete: Click to permanently delete this Rule.
    9. Share (not shown): If the user is within a company, the Rule may be shared with others within this account.                                                                                                                                   
      1. Share Template/Rule setting must be enabled to share a Template or Rule.
      2. Click the Share link to share the Rule with others within the same company account.

Send a Document using the Rule Feature

  1. Click the Send tab.                                                      
  2. Optional: If the setting Allow Template Editing is set to Y make any necessary modifications to the Options column.
  3. Press + Document.                                                                                        
  4. Select the drive where the file you want to upload is located                                                              
  5. Use the native file manager to find and attach one or more files you want to use.
    1. All uploaded documents will appear in the ATTACH FILES panel with the file name and document size.
  6. Press the +Rule button and select the rule from the pop-up menu and then press the green check box.
  7. Fill out the necessary recipient information, make sure to assign each signer to the role intended for that person.
  8. Click +Recipients to add any additional recipients. These users will not have preassigned form fields in Step 2: Prepare.                                        
  9. Make any adjustments to the subject and email body if necessary.
  10. Press Next to progress to Step 2: Prepare.
  11. The document will have all form field controls loaded as set by the Rule. Review the form fields are in the correct location. As a Rule adds form fields to any document, the optimal position within the document can vary.                                                                                                                                                                   
  12. Press Send. Your document is now sent to all recipients and natigated to the MANAGE tab.

Signing a Document Sent as a Rule

  1. Open the Electronic Signature Request email and click the View & Sign Document.
  2. A new tab will open in the signer’s default web browser with the document visible. The document contains the customer’s information and the Rule, the signature in this case, is added to the document in the location it was placed when the template was created.
  3. After the signer has clicked the Submit button, he or she will have completed this transaction and will be automatically redirected from the signing page.
  4. Once the document is fully completed the sender and all recipients will receive an email with instructions on how to view and download the signed document.
  5. The signed document contains the customer information generated in the document prior to sending including the signature and any other information added during the signing process.