Date Format

Last Updated On February 11, 2019
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Date Format

RSign currently supports two date formats, mm/dd/yyyy (US), and dd/mm/yyyy (EU).

Changing the Date Format Per Envelope

You can select the Date Format for a specific envelope when you create an Envelope in the Send tab.

  1. In the SEND tab under OPTIONS, there is a drop down menu where you can set the date format for the envelope that is for the yet to be sent envelope.

Default View

Dropdown View


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, you have the option to enable or disable the Date Format feature and pre-set a default value.

  1. Options: This column lists the settings for Date Format.
  2. Enable?: This column controls if the setting will be available in the Send tab to use on demand.
    1. Checked: Date Format will be available in the OPTIONS section on the SEND tab.
    2. Unchecked: Date Format will not be visible in the OPTIONS section on the SEND tab.
  3. Default Value: This column lists the default values for all available settings. These default values will be displayed when the SEND tab is selected to prepare a new document for signature. If the check box under Enable? is unchecked, all envelopes will be sent whichever format is selected under Default Value.

End User Experience

The selected date format will be applied in the following locations:

  1. Date form field while signing.                                                             
  2. Date & Time Stamp on the final signed document.                    
  3. Signature Certificate date on the final signed document.        
  4. The Envelope Stamp Print on the final document.