Delete Email Body

Last Updated On February 11, 2019
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Delete Email Body

As an RSign user you can store and download the email body of sent envelopes. The email body is accessed in the MANAGE tab under the envelope details section. Here, you can delete the email body.


In the SETTINGS tab, under ADMIN SETTINGS, if you are enabled as a Customer Admin you have the option to enable or disable the setting: Allow users to delete email body.

  1. Option: This column lists the available settings.
  2. Default Settings: Controls if the setting “Allow users to delete email body” is enabled or disabled.
    1. N:(default) The setting Allow users to delete email body is disabled.
    2. Y: The setting Allow users to delete email body is enabled.

Deleting Email Body

The setting Store Email body, when enabled, provides the RSign user an option to download the email body sent with an envelope and to delete the email body from RSign.

  1. To delete the email body, first ensure that the Customer Administrator has turned Allow users to delete email body to”Y”.
  2. Click MANAGE.
  3. Expand the envelope by clicking the icon.
  4. Click the x icon across from “Email Body”.           
  5. The email body will be deleted and is no longer stored with RSign.
    1. Deleting the email body cannot be undone.