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Last Updated On August 18, 2018
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Expires In


Senders may choose to limit the timeframe for which a document may be signed.  The expiration length, in days, may be set in two locations.


On Demand

In the SEND tab under the OPTIONS section, there is a drop down letting the sender change the length of time the envelope will be available to be signed by the recipient.

Default View

Dropdown View


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, the user has the option to enable or disable this feature and pre-set a default value.

  1. Options: This column lists the available settings
  2. Enable?:This column controls if the setting will be available on the Send tab or not
    1. Checked: This setting will be visible in the OPTIONS section on the SEND tab
    2. Unchecked: This setting will not be visible in the OPTIONS section on the SEND tab
  3. Default Value: This column lists the default values for all available settings. These default values will be displayed when the SEND tab is selected to prepare a new document for signature.  If the check box under the Enable? column is unchecked, the RSign service will send emails with this Expires in

End User Experience

When a user clicks the View & Sign Document button in the email received and the document is past the expiration date, they are brought to a new tab on their default web browser with the following text: