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Last Updated On April 22, 2019
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Expires In – Setting an Expiration Date for an Envelope

You (the Sender) may choose to limit the time frame for which a document may be signed. The expiration length, can be set in the SEND tab or as a fixed default in SETTINGS.

Setting Expiration in the Send Tab

In the SEND tab under OPTIONS, there is a drop down menu where the Sender can set the amount of time an RSign document will be available for the recipient(s) to sign.

Drop-down View


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, you have the option to set the expiration length of an envelop and preset the default expiration value.

  1. Options: Lists the option Expires in.
  2. Enable?: Controls if the Expires in setting will be available in the SEND tab.
    1. Checked: The Expires in setting will be visible in the OPTIONS column within the SEND tab.
    2. Unchecked: The Expires in setting will not be visible within the Send tab.
  3. Default Value: Lists the default value set for the Expires in setting. The default value will be displayed within the SEND tab. If the check box under Enable? is unchecked, the default value within SETTINGS will be fixed when sending documents.

    1. For example, if Enable? is unchecked and the default value is set to “30 Days” an envelope sent within the SEND tab will expire in 30 days.

Signer Experience

  1. A recipient receives a signature request email and does not immediately sign it.
  2. The recipient returns to the email at a later date.
  3. This time, the recipient clicks View & Sign Document, although, the set expiration date for the document has already passed.
  4. The recipient will be brought to a webpage indicating the envelope has expired. Envelope is Expired