Copy & Paste Controls

Last Updated On January 15, 2019
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Copy & Paste Controls

While preparing a document, if the sender would like to copy and paste form field controls, this can be done with the Copy/Paste buttons on the Prepare Toolbar.

    1. Drag a selection box with the mouse around the form field control or press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard and click on the individual controls you would like to copy and paste.

    1. Release the mouse button.
    2. The selected form field controls will become highlighted.
    3. Click the Copy button or press Ctrl+C.

    1. Now, click the Paste icon or Ctrl+V to create a copy of all highlighted form field controls. Click Paste as many times as the form field control needs to be pasted.
      1. Note, the pasted form field controls will have identical settings as the original copied form field control.

    1. Align the new form field controls onto the document as required.