Setting Reminders for Signers

Last Updated On February 14, 2019
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Setting Reminders for Signers

You may choose to schedule a one time or reoccurring reminders when sending an envelope. A reminder is an email sent to all signers who have not completed the document asking them sign and/or complete the document, until either the document is signed or it expires.

Setting Reminders in the Send Tab

You have two option to to send reminders in the SEND tab.

  1. Send a reminder after a certain number of days.
  2. Set the frequency for continuing to send reminders after the first reminder is sent, until the document is signed.

Reminders will not be sent after the document has expired.

Default View


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, you have the option to enable or disable Send Reminder in and Then send reminder every features and pre-set a default value.

  1. Options: Lists the settings.
    1. Send reminder in
    2. Then send reminder every
  2. Enable?: This column controls if Send reminder in and Then send reminder every will be available in the Send tab or not.
    1. Checked: Checking either or both.
    2. Send reminder in and Then send reminder every will make the checked option visible in the OPTIONS section in the SEND tab.
    3. Unchecked: This setting will not be visible in the OPTIONS section on the SEND tab.
  3. Default Value: This column lists the default values for all available settings. These default values will be displayed when the SEND tab is selected to prepare a new document for signature. If the check box under the Enable? column is unchecked, RSign will not send reminder emails to the signer(s).

Signer Experience

If the recipient(s) does not sign the document before the Send reminders in day is reached, he or she or they will receive an email similar to the one below: