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Last Updated On August 18, 2018
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Send Tab


RSign users may send a one-off document for signature by following the steps in this document.

  1. Click the SEND tab

    The user is brought to theStep 1/2: Envelope page containing the following sections:

      1. Options
      2. Attach Files
      3. Add Recipients
      4. Add Message

  2.   Configure the Envelope Options

    The options available for the envelope are populated with the default values. If needed, the sender can adjust them under the OPTIONS panel.

  3. 1.     Attach Files

    1. Document Locations:
      1. + Document: This option allows users to upload documents from a storage drive
      2. + Template: This option opens a list of prepared and saved document templates (see Templates guide)
    2. When + Document is selected, on the Drives window, browse for the document location and attach the file
    3. Files must have one of the following file extensions:
      1. PDF: .pdf
      2. MS Office: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx
      3. Image: .bmp, .gif, .ico, .jpg, .jpeg, .png
      4. Other: .tif, .tiff, .htm, .html, .txt
    4. Repeat step two to add multiple documents
    5. Uploaded documents will appear in the ATTACH FILES panel with the file name and document size
  4.  Add Recipients

    In the ADD RECIPIENTS panel, add the name and email address for each recipient.

    1. ORDER: This is the order in which the document is sent to the signers. This setting is only applicable when a document has two or more signers
    2. TYPE: This pull down represents the role of the recipient

      1. SIGNER: Recipients will be asked to sign the document
      2. Cc: Recipients will receive only the final signed contract after all signers have completed the signing process
      3. PREFILL: The sender can enter anyrequired information in the document on the web screen prior to sending the message.  Once the information is complete, the document is sent to the signers.
    3. NAME: The signer’s first and last name
    4. EMAIL: The email address of the signer
    5. X: Click this icon to delete a user
    6. SIGN IN SEQUENCE: This box may be checked to send the document for signature, in sequence, to multiple recipients based on the order they are placed in this section
    7. + RECIPIENTS: This button adds another recipient row
    8. ADD ME:This button adds the sender’s name and email address to the bottom of this section as one of the signers
  5. Add Message

    Type the subject and email body

  6.  Click the Next button

  7. Prepare the Document

    The user is brought to the Step 2/2: Prepare page where the sender may drag-and-drop the form fields

Form Field Controls

The following form field controls may be dragged and dropped into the document to prepare it for signing.

Field controls from left to right:

  1. Sign
  2. Text
  3. Name
  4. Title
  5. Company
  6. Date
  7. Email Address
  8. Check Box
  9. Initials
  10. Label
  11. Radio Button
  12. Drop Down
  13. Time/Date Stamp

Document Preparing Toolbar

The top toolbar has a number of available actions.

  1. Delete selected controls
  2. Copy selected controls
  3. Paste selected controls
  4. Undo selected controls
  5. Redo selected controls
  6. Align selected controls left
  7. Align selected controls center
  8. Align selected controls right
  9. Add controlling field to the document and add dependencies
  10. Save document in the Drafts tab
  11. Clear document of controls
  12. Delete this document
  13. View this document as a PDF
  14. Send (no tooltip for this, it would get in the way)

Page Toggle

The user may switch pages by clicking on the page number dropdown.

Information Icon

The user may hover over the (i) icon to view their plan and units remaining.

8. Send the Document

After the user completes preparing the document, the final step is the press the Send button.  After the document is sent, the user is brought to the MANAGE tab.