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Last Updated On February 15, 2019
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Sign in Sequence

The Sign in Sequence option allows you (the Sender) to send signature requests in a sequence to multiple signers. This is helpful in workflows where some of the signers may need to sign off, approve or review the documents before it is provided to other signers.

Enabling Sign in Sequence in the SEND tab

In the SEND tab under ADD RECIPIENTS,  you may enable or disable Sign in Sequence for the envelope.

Default View

  1. If Sign in Sequence is checked: The envelope is sent to recipients in sequential order based on the recipients number under Order.
  2. If Sign in Sequence is unchecked: The envelope will be sent to all recipients at the same time. There is no signing order.                                                                                            


The Order column under ADD RECIPIENTS determines the order in which recipients will receive the envelope to sign.

  1. The sender can manually enter the number in the Order column to indicate the sequence.
  2.  If Sign in Sequence is clicked the order for all recipients will be automatically assigned a sequence based the order signers are added. The first will be “1”, second will be “2”, etc. This will lock the Order column for edits.                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. If you wish to make changes to the sending in sequence order, you can uncheck the Sign in Sequence checkbox and manually enter the required order for the recipients.


In the SETTINGS tab, under GENERAL SETTINGS, you have the option to enable or disable Sign in Sequence and pre-set a default value.

  1. Options: Lists the setting: Sign in Sequence.
  2. Enable?: This column controls if the Sign in Sequence setting will be available in the SEND tab or not.
    1. Checked: Sign in Sequence will become visible under ADD RECIPIENTS in the SEND tab.
    2. Unchecked: Sign in Sequence will not be visible in the ADD RECIPIENTS section in the SEND tab.
  3. Default Value: This column controls what the default setting in the SEND tab will be for Sign in Sequence.
    1. N: If “N” is set than the Sign in Sequence checkbox will be unchecked by default.
    2. Y: If “Yis set than the Sign in Sequence checkbox will be checked by default.

Signer Experience

If Sign in Sequence is enabled, the recipients will receive the email for signing in the order the recipients are listed.

  1. If the a signer does not sign the document, all signers after him or her  in the sequence will not receive an email with a link to sign the document.
  2. If a signer declines to sign the document, the signing process will be halted. Any signers in the sequence after the signer who declined the document will no longer have the chance to sign the document and will receive no notification the signing process was cancelled. All signers who signed the document before the document was declined will receive an email informing them that the singing process has been terminated by the declining signer.
    1. Anyone who has signed the document to this point will receive instructions on how to download the partially completed document within the email informing them of termination of the signing process.