Uploading Document(s) via a Local or Cloud Drive

Last Updated On February 19, 2019
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Uploading Document(s) via a Local or Cloud Drive

With RSign you have several options to upload documents to prepare for signature. You can upload documents either from your local machine or from cloud based storage. RSign allows users to upload documents from the following locations:

  1. LocalMachine
  2. Google Drive
  3. Dropbox
  4. Microsoft OneDrive


In the SETTINGS tab, under SYSTEM SETTINGS, you have the option to decide which drives will be available in the Send tab when uploading a document.

  1. Option: Lists the option Storage drives available.
  2. Default Settings: This column lists the available drives to select from.
    1. Local – Listed as LocalMachine in the Send tab. Clicking this accesses your computers file manager.
    2. Google Drive
    3. Dropbox
    4. OneDrive – Listed as Microsoft OneDrive in the Send tab. OneDrive is generally linked to your Microsoft cloud storage account.

Sender Experience

The selection made in the Settings tab under Drives controls the options available for you to upload documents in the SEND tab when the +Document button is clicked.

  1. In Settings you enable your preference for which drives you want to access in the Send tab  and click save.
  2. Next, go to Send and click +Document to upload a document. The drive preferences will appear in a popup labeled “Drives”
  3. Select the drive you wish to use.
    1. If LocalMachine is selected, the file manager from your computer will appear. You can then select the document(s) you wish to use within the hard drive of the computer.
    2. If any of the cloud based drives are selected, a new popup page will appear with the drive’s UI. Please use that drives UI to select a document for upload and follow the prompts to upload it.
      1. If you are are not signed into the selected cloud drive or you are accessing the drives on RSign for the first time you will receive prompts to sign into the drives before you can access the corresponding file manager.
      2. If you have not signed into any of these cloud drives before using RSign, you will be prompted to give RSign access to the drive. This is to enable you to be able to upload documents from your preferred cloud service. Follow the prompts to complete this action.
  4. Your selected document(s) are now attached/uploaded into RSign.