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Last Updated On February 01, 2019
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Templates Tab

The Templates tab is where Templates and Rules are managed. While this tab is not used to send an envelope with a template in it, the Templates Tab manages the majority of features regarding Templates and Rules.

To create a Template 0r Rule a user must click the Create Template or Rule button. To perform this action follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into RSign.
  2. Click the Templates tab.
  3. Click the Create Template or Rule button in the top right hand corner.
    1. If you wish to create a Rule, and it is not already enabled, Go to the Settings tab, under
      ” set to “Y” and save.

Personal Templates and Rules Table

  1. This table lists the Templates and Rules available to you.
  1. To expand the table, click the   icon to view and hide the template details. Template details include:
    1. Document Name: The name of the document.
    2. Roles: The role of the person signing the document, for example, client and layer.
    3. Template Editable: Can the template be edited when you or another user create an envelope with this template.
  1. Template table details:
    1. Code: Unique code assigned to this template.
    2. Name: Name of the Template or Rule.
    3. Description: A short description of the function of the Template or Rule.
    4. Type: Template type, either a Template or a Rule.
    5. Created Date: Date and time the Template was originally created.
    6. Link: Provides access to a unique hyperlink to send the document for signature to a person without sending it via email.
      1. Click the link symbol to generate a static link for this template. When the link icon is pressed, a pop-up menu will appear with the link address and options.

        1. Copy: Clicking this copies the link to your clipboard, where it can be pasted anywhere as text.
        2. Disable: Click to disable the hyperlink. The button will switch to Enable. If the link was previously posted anywhere, users who have access to it will no longer be able to access the RSign document when they click the link. Instead, users will be directed to a page informing them the link is no longer active.
          1. Enable: if enable is clicked the static link will become active again and accessible to anyone who previously had access to it.
        3. Refresh: Clicking Refresh will change the unique address of the link. This means that anyone who had access to the previous link will no longer be able to access this RSign document. This link can be sent as normal to anyone. This feature cannot be reverted.
        4. Share Button: If you are using RSign within a company, Templates and Rules may be shared with other RSign users on the company account. To lean more on how to share templates and Rules click here or cut and paste the link below into your web browser: https://www.rpost.com/knowledge-base/sharing-templates-rules/
        5. Edit: If you wish to make any changes to a Personal Template or Rule you can do this by clicking the Edit button. Editing a document in the Templates tab is different from the setting “Allow Template Editing” because it affects the actual template and not just the individual envelope your template may be used with. You can also change permission of the Template by either allowing it to be edited for an individual envelope or locked to make it not editable.
          1. To Edit a document:
            1. Log into RSign.
            2. Click the Template tab.
            3. Under “Personal Template or Rule” Click Edit in the row of the corresponding Template or Rule you would like to edit. You will be brought to “Step 1: Prepare”
              1. Make any edits or changes to your envelope and document in both “Step 1: Envelope” and “Step 2: Prepare”
              2. Click “Save Template or Rule” changes made to your Template or Rule will now be saved and will be reflected the next time the Template or Rule is used.
          2. To change permission to enable or disable editing a specific Template within an envelope in the Send tab:
            1. Log into RSign.
            2. Click Template Tab.
            3. Under “Personal Template or Rule” Click Edit in the row of the corresponding template you would like to change editing permissions for. You will be brought to “Step 1: Prepare.”
            4. On the “Options” sidebar go to the option “Allow Template Editing.
              1. N: Select “N” to not allow any changes to this Template when being used with an envelope in the Send tab.
              2. Y: Select “Y” to be able to edit the individual Template when using the specified template in an envelope in the Send tab.
                1. Click Next.
                2. In” Step 2: Prepare” Click Save Template. Your preferences will be saved.
        6. Delete: Delete will permanently delete a Template or Rule, once a Template or Rule is deleted this cannot be undone.
          1. To delete a Template or Rule:
            1. Log into RSign.
            2. Click Template Tab.
            3. Under “Personal Template or Rule” Click Delete in the row of the corresponding template you would like to delete.
            4. You will see a confirmation popup appear asking to confirm if you want to delete this template.                                              
              1. Click  to delete the Template or Rule.
              2. Click icon to cancel and keep the Template or Rule.