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Last Updated On February 21, 2019
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Selecting a Time Zone

RSign allows you, the Sender, to select the Time Zone to be used on sent and signed envelopes. The selected Time Zone will be added to:

  1. The Manage tab.
  2. The Signature Certificate on the signed and completed document.


In the SETTINGS tab, under SYSTEM SETTINGS, you have the option to specify a Time Zone or choose Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  1. Option: Specifies that the Time Zone is what is being modified.
  2. Default Settings: Provides the following options:
    1. Coordinated Universal Time – Time will be kept using UTC time for all transactions and timestamps.
    2. Specify a Time Zone – if selected, use the drop down menu to select the timezone you wish all transactions you initiated to be recorded in.

RSign User and Recipient Experience

The selection made under the Time Zone setting controls the date and time that is printed on all places within RSign including emails, documents and envelopes.


As viewed by the Sender.

Signature Certificate

As viewed by the Sender, Signer and cc’d recipients.