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Last Updated On February 21, 2019
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Transparency Document

In some workflow scenarios, the signature and/or information gathered during the signing process may need to be printed on special government or corporate approved paper for official filing. In these cases, the purpose of the electronic signature process is to gather and place the signer’s signature and form data in specific locations to match up with the paper version of the document. When the document is printed on the special paper, it is calibrated to the blank paper form in the printer. The Transparency Document is designed specifically for this workflow.

When this feature is enabled, after the document has been signed by all parties, the sender will have an additional attachment called the Transparency PDF along with the final signed contract. The added Transparency PDF contains only the information the signer(s) added to the form fields during the signing process and not the underlying form.


  1. Options: Lists the setting Include Transparency Document.
  2. Enable?: Controls if Include Transparency Document will be available in the Send tab.
    1. Checked: Include Transparency Document will be visible in the Send tab under OPTIONS.
    2. Unchecked: Include Transparency Document will not be visible in the SEND tab under OPTIONS.
  3. Default Value: Controls if Include Transparency Document will be enabled or disabled by default.
    1. Y: The singer will receive a PDF attachment of the transparency document in the “Document Signed” email.
    2. N: No transparency document will be included wit the sender‘s “Document Signed” email.

Sender/User Experience

  1. Include Transparency Document is enabled and Set to “Y” in Settings and, if applicable, Send.
  2. When the RSign document is signed and completed the sender will receive an email notifying him or her that the document is signed.
  3. The “Document Signed” email will contain the Transparency PDF containing only the information entered by the signer(s) for printing on a paper form.
    1. Only the Sender will receive a transparency PDF, Signers and CC’d will still receive the full signed and completed document.
    2. The “Document Signed” email sent to the Sender will contain instructions on how to download the complete document.